DocuSign acquires Seal Software

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The Problems We Solve


To solve a problem requires understanding that there is a better way. Legacy processes are comfortable, but they are not improving outcomes and fail to address new challenges and pressure to do more with less. Seal Software provides a better way to find answers and continually improve outcomes.


Seal is helping companies solve problems across a wide range of use cases. From strategic M&A initiatives to tactical projects Seal provides a faster time to value than manual processes and traditional contract management tools alone.



Seal helps you understand the obligations, incentives, and risks in all your vendor contracts.



Seal helps you rapidly find and prioritize contract liabilities and risk during due diligence and post-transaction integration.




Seal helps you comply with both current and future regulations, as well as unplanned events such as a data breach.



Unbound by the restrictions of traditional CLM tools, complex agreements and third-party paper are a Seal specialty. Seal will help ensure contracts aren’t hiding risk or liabilities, and are in-line with your gold-standard and past agreements.

Sales & Sell-Side Contracts


Seal helps eliminate the “legal” friction in the Sales cycle by speeding the identification of non-standard language, terms for review and risk.

Legal Services


Seal helps you do more, faster. Automating the mundane, speeding search, and enabling action are just the beginning.

Intelligence for Contract Management


Seal provides a layer of contract intelligence to existing contract management environments through platform extensions and integrations; improving on-boarding, search, reviews, and reporting.