2019: Contract Intelligence for The Enterprise

2019 marks a pivotal time in the legal AI industry and Seal’s history; market consolidation, funding, and key partnerships reflect the growing recognition that AI-powered contract analytics are a “must have technology” within the corporate legal environment.

In addition to Seal’s key partnership announcements and new funding, Seal debuts V7 of the Seal Platform. V7 is the first contract analytics platform designed to be used by anyone within the corporate world that needs information contained within contracts. The digitizing and operationalization of contract data across the entirety of the business opens the door to new ways of transforming how companies view and use contracts.

2018: Jump Starting AI-Powered Solutions

In 2018 Seal makes the jump from an AI-technology provider to a provider of AI-powered solutions. The acquisition of Apogee Legal, a key Seal partner, includes two key teams of people – legal subject matter experts and AI-analytic policy experts. When teamed with the Seal R&D groups, the results are transformative. Seal goes the last mile and productizes specific use cases, significantly reducing the time and expertise required to get answers.

2016: New Look, & New Technology

Seal’s platform is the most advanced document discovery, data extraction, and analytics solution, and remains the only provider of contract discovery in the market. Its long customer list includes 4 of the 10 “most valuable brands for 2016,” and supports the leadership position Seal has in the market.

A company can never predict what data might be needed from the contracts in a portfolio, and requests for information often come up unexpectedly. The ongoing intelligence provided by Seal means there are no costly and disruptive fire drills when a request for information occurs.

2015: New Features and Use Cases

Seal surpasses the 100-customer threshold, and builds out several high-value use cases for Contract Discovery and Analytics, including Procurement, Sales, Legal, M&A, Regulatory Compliance, and Data Migration. Seal launches a new version of the platform with multiple layers of ML methods for speed and scalability, a central reporting database, a new ETL process, single sign-on, and NLP additions for entity extraction and comparison.

2013: Strong Growth

Seal is growing fast and is tracking at 100% increases in revenues and staff each year, an achievement it maintains through 2013. Seal also becomes the first company to offer an analytics server that allows customers to “teach” the engine on their own using Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI).

2011 - 2012: New Customers

Initial engagements with companies such as NASDAQ and Avusa, among others, help guide the capabilities and scalability of the platform. In 2012, Ulf relocates to California, and establishes a new headquarters for Seal in the San Francisco area.

2010: Building a Company

Kevin and small team of developers start work on the Seal platform. Their platform includes contract discovery across a network, OCR capabilities, a repository for contracts, and analytics. As it is clear Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems don’t solve the “data problem,” they focus on APIs and connectors to ensure Seal can be used across many CLMs and business systems.

LATE 2010: Seal launches the first release of the platform, and the field of Contract Discovery and Analytics is born. Ulf and Kevin coin the term “c-Discovery,” and start engaging potential customers.

The Concept

Seal was founded in 2010 by Ulf Zetterberg and Kevin Gidney in the UK. With backgrounds in document management and eDiscovery technologies, they saw the need to apply these technologies to the problems of finding contracts from various systems and repositories, and being able to extract contract data without depending entirely on manual reviews.