Seal Accelerators Help Solve the Time to Value Problem

The promise of significant ROI from emerging Legal AI technology is transforming legal processes across law firms and enterprises alike. Success relies on a rapid and significant return on investment. An AI transformation project ROI can prove challenging as it takes time to acquire AI expertise and align it with the business needs. Relying on or hiring AI data scientists that lack line-of-business domain expertise will mean months, if not years to successfully deploy a solution.

Seal Accelerators solve the time-to-value challenge – providing out-of-the-box analytics and supporting components designed to find and analyze specific and detailed business matters.

Seal Accelerators – Built by Domain Experts

  1. AI Experts
  2. Industry Experts,
  3. Process & Project Experts

       In addition to being domain experts, many of Seal’s specialists are lawyers.

The collaborative development process at Seal pulls in the expertise necessary from a range of Seal specialists in contract management, procurement, legal ops, e-Discovery, regulatory, life science, banking, M&A and more.

Ready-made Bespoke Capabilities

By productizing (pre-building, testing, documenting and updating*) individual advanced analysis policies Seal can deploy and demonstrate success in a fraction of the time required to build genuinely bespoke policies. To help ensure the policies are business ready Seal has three primary development teams working in conjunction with the Seal Customer Success teams to develop a catalog of advanced analytics that can be quickly assembled into a deployment-ready pack to meet individual customer or project requirements. Customers may pick a ready-made “Insight” pack or opt for a customized pack.

Seal Insight Packs

Seal Insight packs are pre-packaged to address a standard set of business use-cases. In addition to the analytics set, each Insight pack includes a Rule Book and Play Book to help facilitate rapid and successful deployment and hand-off to the company’s team. Topical updates to the pack are also included to maintain relevancy with evolving business and regulatory requirements.

Seal Insight Packs are available for the following:

Data PrivacyNDA
BrexitQualified Financial Contracts (QFCs)
Credit Agreement 

Seal Custom Packs of Pre-Built Analytics

A more customized pack is the best solution when requirements are mixed. Customers sit with a Seal representative to review the Seal HQ catalog of pre-built analytics policies, selecting those that meet their needs. The HQ system exports the analytics pack for security encryption, and delivery. Once imported the company can immediately begin using the analytics to find answers – driving success through a rapid return on investment.

*Requires current contract.


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