New Leadership for Seal

Written by Ulf Zetterberg on Feb 16 2017| 0 Comments

Throughout my career, I’ve learned the most important aspect of managing and growing a successful business is to surround yourself with great people. For that reason, I am very pleased about our announcement today of two new critical hires for our company. Both are seasoned executives who will be instrumental in taking Seal to the next level.

Manual review of contracts: doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results….

Written by Mark Williams on Feb 15 2017| 0 Comments

Back in 2013, when Seal was just getting started, we were invited by a partner into an opportunity with a tier one bank in London. The bank had an urgent, compliance-driven project to pull around 15 pieces of metadata from 25,000 procurement contracts. The partner wanted to use Seal’s platform to do the heavy lifting of automatic extraction, and provide a review platform to manage and optimise the manual review for the last few percentage points of accuracy required.


Why can’t due diligence be done in a weekend?

Written by Christina Wojcik on Feb 10 2017| 0 Comments

There was an interesting article in Corporate Counsel about Facebook’s recent $2B acquisition of Oculus, and how due diligence was done literally “over a weekend.” This came to light with a lawsuit by ZeniMax Media, Inc., originally against Oculus, and now against Facebook. The suit states that Oculus had misappropriated trade secrets and violated copyright laws, among other allegations, and that Facebook knew of the allegations when they purchased Oculus. Facebook clearly has deep pockets, and ZeniMax was suing for $4B in damages.

What Makes A Great Board Member?

Written by Ulf Zetterberg on Feb 08 2017| 0 Comments

Having a great board of directors is one of the most important elements of creating a successful business. They help management teams with strategy and vision, provide overall guidance, and help establish valuable contacts and connections to drive a business forward.

But what makes a great board member? You must find a person with a broad set of skills, experience, and positive chemistry that is a bit hard to define. Forbes contributor Bryan Stolle did a nice job of it in his article here, and I have summarized his key points below:

Anti-Bribery and Corruption: How Protected Are You?

Written by Brian Wick on Jan 19 2017| 0 Comments

In the age of specialization, many organizations turn to intermediaries to do business – especially as “feet on the ground” in foreign countries. They take the form of partners, suppliers, distributors, or agents, and large organizations can have 1,000s doing work on their behalf at any time.

But, what if they engage in corrupt or illegal business practices? In some places in the world, practices such as bribery, money laundering, bid-rigging, and price fixing are considered in the normal course of doing business. A global E&Y survey of Chief Compliance Officers found 39% of respondents reported that “bribery or corrupt practices occur frequently in their countries, and in emerging markets, a majority of respondents believe these practices are common.”

2016 Reflection and Thank You

Written by Ulf Zetterberg on Jan 04 2017| 0 Comments

2016 was tremendous year for Seal Software. We launched the latest version of our platform. We won 6 industry awards. We held our first Users Group Events with our customers in San Francisco, New York, and London. We gained new clients, new board members, and new talent.

How Important is Governing Law in Your Contracts? Just Ask Duran Duran.

Written by Laurie Brasner on Dec 05 2016| 0 Comments

Yes, the band many of us grew up with in the 80s and 90s. Who can forget hits like “Hungry Like the Wolf,” “Girls on Film,” or “A View to A Kill?” Sony/ATV music publishing clearly hasn’t forgotten about them.

There was a very interesting story in the BBC on Friday describing a situation with Duran Duran, and how they filed for a reversion of copyright under the US law – to transfer publishing rights from Sony/ATV back to themselves. The article is here, and it clearly describes the importance of knowing what’s in your contracts.


The Black Hole of Contract Management

Written by Amanda Prochaska on Nov 23 2016| 0 Comments

The following article was originally published in Amanda’s blog, Procurement Unstuck on Saturday November 19th, 2016. Amanda is VP of Procurement, PMO at MGM Resorts International.

Anyone else singing, "black hole sun, won't you come and take away the rain"? Ok, maybe it is just me!

The Nature of Awards

Written by Brian Wick on Nov 17 2016| 0 Comments

Just a few short weeks after we announced that we had won the IACCM Innovation Awards in the “Members Choice” category, today we are announcing that Seal is the recipient of two new awards this week—Deloitte “Fast 500” and the KM World “Promise” Awards.

Fast 500 Award

The Fast 500 is a listing of the fastest growing tech companies from 2012 to 2015. We knew we experienced strong growth in that period, but when the rankings were announced at Deloitte’s awards ceremony on the 15th in Santa Clara, California, we were delighted to learn that we came in at number 148 out of 500! Our calculated growth over that period was 591% which averages to approximately 148% growth each year over the period.

Seal Software Users Group Event Highlights

Written by Brian Wick on Nov 14 2016| 0 Comments

Seal Software recently held our first Users Group Events in New York and San Francisco, bringing together customers and prospects to openly discuss strategies, emerging trends, and best practices in contract discovery and analytics. Seal users have often asked us for more opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction, and we were thrilled to provide this kind of forum for them.

Attendees included senior executives from Google, DocuSign, Humana, Aetna and others, and resulted in insightful conversation on the business challenges, available tools and technologies, and ROI with contract management and analytics. We’re incredibly grateful to these, and all our attendees for their generosity and openness about using solutions such as Seal to solve their business challenges.