Marc Burckin
Marc joined Seal in June 2017 after over 20 years of experience in Enterprise Software Customer Support/Success and Business Development. His most recent position was at OpenText where he ran global customer support for the Documentum business unit leading a global team of over 250 people. This is Burckin’s third software startup – having held various leadership roles at Kenandy, EMC, Documentum and Ingres. He has worked in the San Francisco Bay Area the majority of his career, but also took two ex-pat assignments in Europe as part of Ingres and Documentum. He holds a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). When he’s not at work he likes to spend time with his wife, three kids and participate in sports through coaching, watching and very occasionally still playing!

“Changes” In Cloud Adoption

Marc Burckin | Aug 01, 2018

I have an eclectic music taste. I like listening to most every genre from classical to classic rock, from new wave 80’s music to modern Christian hip-hop. With the recent passing of both Tom Petty and David Bowie, I found myself listening to both of them. “Changes” by Bowie has always been a favorite of mine and the topic of “change” hits on what continues to be a tectonic shift in the enterprise IT landscape.

According to a Forbes article, 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. That’s a mighty big number and depending on how you measure it this equates to $200-400B worth of IT spending – that’s a lot of ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

At Seal Software we continue to see this momentum in a few different ways:

  1. Companies that were historically very cautious about embracing the cloud for their applications have in some cases done a complete 180-degree turn in the space of a year – having gone from “cloud with EVP approval only” to “Cloud first/only” directives.
  2. I have personally seen regulated industries like Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Banking become large proponents of embracing cloud solutions – sure there are some laggards, but even in these industries cloud adoption has hit “main street” to use Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm vernacular.
  3. Seal customers, who two to three years ago deployed Seal on-premise due to then-current IT policies, have come back to us and asked for our help to migrate them to Seal Cloud Services. They are very happy with Seal but find the additional burden of hiring and retaining IT staff, and scheduling and performing upgrades, is limiting their ability to leverage the latest innovations in the Seal platform.

Our answer to this is Seal Cloud Services (SCS). SCS is a fully managed SaaS offering of the Seal platform, providing complete managed physical infrastructure and Seal platform and application level services.

Customers choose Cloud Services for several broad reasons:

  • Cost Savings & Ease of Operation: No capital outlays, no need to hire staff to manage the infrastructure and Seal platform - you can let the Seal experts run the system for you. We focus on what we do best and allow you to focus on your core competencies.
  • Business Agility: The elastic nature of cloud computing allows us to scale as your business needs grow and to tune the infrastructure to align with the lifecycle of an application.
  • Quick Realization of Value: You get to skip to the front of the line and not wait behind the inevitable backlog of your IT departments list of new projects. With rapid provisioning, Seal is deployed and the team is working in days vs. weeks or months. Also, because your upgrades are performed by Seal, you are able to fully realize all of the new features that are being delivered by Seal during the term of your subscription.

So, bringing us back to Bowie, don’t feel you have to do the heavy IT lifting, let us be your “Heroes”! Get in touch with Seal Cloud Services today.

As always, I welcome comments or feedback on Seal, Seal Cloud Services or my tastes in music.

Marc Burckin

Vice President, Cloud Services & Support