A Look Back at Insight 2019

I have been at Seal from the beginning and I could not be prouder of how the company continues to thrive. The last two months have been a whirlwind as we joined our customers, partners, and prospects for our 4th annual customer conference events in London and New York. This year was a record year on all fronts and aligned with the growth we see in our business. The Seal ecosystem has grown massively, proving that there is market acceptance for enterprise contract analytics across industries. Our record-breaking attendee list was made up of customers from all verticals as well as a large partner presence, including advisory firms, ISVs, boutiques, and Legal Service Providers – all of whom were eager to increase their investments in Seal. But more important than being a banner year in terms of the number of attendees was the record number of success stories that our customers shared on stage. The quality of speakers at this year’s events was impeccable and session attendees left inspired by their use cases and the real-life value they receive from Seal. Being part of a growing and positive community is important to us all, and this year’s Insight was a clear signal of the success our customers and we are having.

Seal Insight Design Thinking Workshop
Insight New York Training Day
Seal Software Executives Launching Seal Now
Left to Right: Jim Wagner, Kevin Gidney, Julian Tsisin, John O’Melia

As the leader of the global sales, it’s my job to oversee the growth of the company and events like Insight.  By bringing customers closer to our leadership team, our vision, and the team responsible for developing our product, we can collaborate and celebrate success.

The launch of Seal Now™ is a direct reflection of how carefully we are listening to our customers, and also a reflection of our commitment to strengthening our position as the global leader in enterprise contract analytics. What better place to unveil our newest release than with the customers and partners that made it possible? The level of enthusiasm from both our customers and partners for Seal Now, and for Seal as a whole, is unprecedented. We are in a better position than ever before to address our customers’ needs. By keeping our customer’s in the center of all that we do, we are disrupting the market and providing top-of-line service at every step.

As we look forward to next year’s Insight, I can’t wait to see many more new faces from the customers that have recently joined us and to hear their success stories.

Here are a few ways that we are listening to customers and driving success from the top down:

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