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AI Innovation of Sweden, One Month Later

Last month I was proud to join my colleague and Seal Software Product Owner, Emanuella Wallin at the AI Innovation of Sweden inaugural event. As representatives of Seal, we were joined by fellow partners from 40 organizations as well as the Minister for Energy and Digitalisation to celebrate the centre’s official launch in Gothenburg.

The decision to start the centre came from the Swedish government’s desire to drive technology innovation and contribute to the development and use of artificial intelligence throughout society. They initially set out on this endeavor in 2018 with the goal of opening the first hub in Gothenburg at the beginning of this year. As a founding partner of AI Innovation of Sweden, I am proud to say that Seal was involved in fulfilling that goal.

                AI Innovation of Sweden partners. Source:

The national centre affirms our commitment, and that of our fellow founding partners, to cultivating the Swedish AI ecosystem. While partners come from an array of sectors (including business, academia, and government) and AI implementations may differ, we are setting the foundation to solve common challenges within AI. The objective of the AI Innovation of Sweden is to accelerate both knowledge and knowledge sharing and foster an environment of collaboration in the Swedish AI ecosystem. Studies confirm Sweden’s aptitude for innovation and technology advancement and the goal of this initiative is to position Sweden as a top contributor within the AI space.

As Kevin Gidney, Seal Software CTO, said during the opening ceremony, “Seal’s Gothenburg Development team is looking forward to being an active participant in the collaborative programs spurred by AI Innovation of Sweden.” One month later, this could not ring truer as we see, firsthand, the resources and value offered through this initiative.

For Seal Software, the centre provides the opportunity to create a strong AI network in Sweden and further build on our innovative and pioneering principles. By bringing people and data together, we are excited to contribute to positive change and break barriers for unique data and applied AI research. Co-location sites will allow us to collaborate and share knowledge with organizations across industries to solve, not only, challenges that we face but those within the overarching community. As an active partner, we are looking forward to contributing to the supporting the Swedish AI ecosystem through:

  • AI recruitment efforts
  • Knowledge sharing via events and collaborative workshops
  • Mentorship and community building

AI Innovation of Sweden’s focus on data accessibility and collaboration was evident at last month’s launch and continues to be a priority as programming and outreach develop. There is no doubt that the center will have a significant impact on the field, and we look forward to being a part of its growth and success moving forward.

Visit the AI Innovation of Sweden website for upcoming events and resources for the greater AI community. To learn more about Seal Software’s commitment to AI acceleration, <click here>.