Announcing “Artificial Intelligence As-a-Service” for M&A

Those of you who have been following the Seal blogs will know that M&A is one of our great use cases. Seal is critical in the due diligence phase, when you’re trying to work out how much to pay and where the risks are, and post-merger when the hard work begins to extract the value your CEO committed to the shareholders in that glorious pre-purchase time when everything seemed possible.

Seal’s ability to find where contracts are, filter them out of the morass of non-contractual files, extract pertinent information and present it in a clear, unambiguous fashion so action can be taken clearly aids those working the deal.

However, in the due diligence phase there’s often been a “yes, but” moment. Everyone understands how much easier the work would be with Seal, but sometimes there’s just not the time to get the tech in place. Often the main bottleneck is just getting hold of the bid manager to make the decision to use the technology when they have hundreds of other decisions to make.

Many larger companies who have Seal as a permanent part of their toolkit get around this by simply spinning up a new instance of Seal as part of the “war room” set up, along with cancelling leave, buying a new coffee machine and cleaning the whiteboards.

But, for those organisations who perhaps don’t engage in many due diligence exercises, or who look to third-parties to provide deal room capability, this wasn’t an option. Until now.

Step forward “the ROOM” ( Working with Seal for less than a year, they are enhancing their existing services by offering an outsourced M&A contract review service based on Seal. They have developed their own custom extraction policies specifically for M&A, as well as adding dual English/Dutch language capability. Their clients have access to advanced AI extraction and processing on demand, how and when they need it.

Now, whilst this is exciting for Seal, the ROOM, and most importantly for the ROOM’s clients, that’s not why I’m writing this.

What I think is important is that a successful established business has chosen to rip up the rule book, disrupt the market and take their services to a next level – and AI is at the heart of this.

Secondly, in a fairly conservative market they are embracing the new technology and wrapping it in value-add services. They understand it’s not just about the technology, but it’s about what the technology can help you do. For the ROOM’s clients, it dramatically shortens the time-to-value for contract review for M&A, in due diligence and post-transaction integration. Critically, the Room are providing a frictionless route to use and engage the technology.

And finally, they sped from a standing start to having a product in the market delivering real value in a few short months. Even with AI-based technology, the days of epoch spanning programs of work to deliver new and innovate services are gone.

To learn more, please read the formal press release here: