Case Study Insights: How Leading Big 4 Consulting Firm Met Their M&A Obligations with Seal

Here at Seal, customer success is always the priority. Enterprise clients rely on Seal to accelerate time-to-value and solve complex business problems across use cases. To deliver on this, Seal adds a layer of intelligence by increasing visibility and mitigating risk across contract portfolios. While adopting new technology can be a difficult undertaking, we strive to ensure that the process is seamless by communicating with our customers to drive business value. Case studies are a great way to look back at best practices and share stories of customer success.

Let’s look at a specific use case: M&A

When it comes to complex mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, manual review is no longer the best way to provide answers. In these instances, document volume is high, time is fleeting, and accuracy is important.How do you deliver complete, accurate results without compromising the timeline? If a manual review is sufficient can you automate some of the contract review process to identify the points of risk and opportunity?  Yes, you can automate a large percentage of the work, freeing up your human resources to focus on the most challenging reviews. Seal Software streamlines the due diligence and post-merger integration processes by applying the industries best AI-powered contract analytics to provide complete, accurate results faster than the traditional alternatives.

Now imagine this: You have tens of thousands of documents and need to automate over 700,000 contract review decisions in a major M&A project and a two-week timeframe to complete the task. Seal successfully completed this exact scenario for one of the world’s largest professional services and accounting firms and their client.

Panic Two Weeks Before a Critical Deadline

After weeks of manual reviews by hundreds of offshore reviewers and with just two-weeks left until the final deadline, 20,000 documents remained in the review platform. The manual review process would require three more months and missing the deadline would be a disaster for both PS firm and client. A better solution was needed; on Friday evening the PS project lead called an old friend at Seal for help.

Traditional Contract Analytics Dilemma

Seal Delivers Just-in-time Value

The Seal analytics team worked around the clock that first day. They determined that Seal could automate a substantial amount of contract review using Seals AI-powered analytic process. Seal ingested the nearly 20,000 documents into the Seal platform and ran the pre-defined analytics models which identified and provided answers on 42 topics of interest. The Seal value did not stop there. Seal integrated seamlessly into the review workflow with the existing manual review team, leaving less than 1% of documents for full manual review.

Results by the numbers:

  • Automated >90% of review decisions – nearly 700,000 decision points
  • Exported the remaining 10% of review decision points to the manual review platform – reducing and accelerating the manual review time required
  • Identified <1% of contracts for a full manual review

In the end, Seal helped the professional services firm meet their client’s review deadline, the client’s M&A process proceeded as planned, and two friends shared a drink over a disaster avoided and a job well done. 

Seal Software Contract Analytics

View the full case study video here.