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CLOC 2018 Viewpoints & a Legal Operations Win

The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium’s CLOC 2018 event was, by any measure, a great success – reflecting the unicorn growth of the Legal Ops role within both law firms and enterprise legal departments. To help our readers understand why CLOC is one of the most important events Seal sponsors annually, I’ve collected some point of view statements from people representing the differing roles represented at CLOC 2018.

General Counsel: Laurie Brasner

Excerpts from: Laurie Brasner, General Counsel of Seal Software | CLOC 2018 Legal Ops Win

From your perspective what has most surprised you about the emergence of legal operations as a field?

That nobody was talking about it sooner. It’s one of those ideas that once it was out there led me to think: “Why weren’t we always doing it this way?”  There’s a big piece of legal operations that relate to technology but there’s so much more of it that doesn’t. Legal departments are about so much more than just reviewing contracts. It’s also about understanding your information governance, your strategic planning, your spend and a million other things. The fact that nobody did that sooner is kind of shocking to me.

How is Seal Software improving legal operations?

If you look at CLOC and the 12 core competencies they have identified regarding what any legal department needs to have in order to succeed, those are what our technology helps with. This includes competencies like technology, process support, knowledge management, data analytics and vendor management. It’s all about efficiency and the ability to not only have the information at your fingertips when you need it, but the confidence that it creates. With a tool like Seal, our customers know that they have all their agreements and can find whatever they need within them at any time. Today I need to know X, but tomorrow I may need to know Y. The idea of marrying technology with the traditional platforms of companies — which include their documents — the ability to find what’s in them and find it in a way that you’ve never been able to do it before is what we’re all about.

CLOC Member: Christina Wojcik, Esquire, VP, Solutions at Seal Software

“CLOC Institute 2018 is the third Institute I’ve attended and the difference between year one and year three is outstanding.  The event started with a handful of participants and a scattering of providers ranging from Legal Technology (i.e., Contract Management, eDiscovery, Matter Management/eBilling, etc.) to Alternative Legal Service Providers.

The objective of CLOC has always been to bring together best in class technology and practices to drive:

  • Cost savings
  • Efficiencies
  • Career advancement to the profession

Fast forward to 2018, and the participant numbers have exponentially increased as well as the number and variety of providers.  This growth can only be a reflection on the importance of Legal Operations within an organization where legal and business intertwine to drive business practices into the legal function.”

CLOC Product Demo Presenter: Mark Rollins, VP Product Management at Seal Software

“This was the first CLOC I attended. I was surprised by the number of vendors present who were providing a solution related to ‘Contracts’; be that Contract Authoring, Contract Management, and Contract Review and most had Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their literature.

This broad representation of AI truly validates the space Seal pioneered in 2010 with our first version of what was to become Seal Contract Discovery & Analytics. Next year, I predict that AI in combination with Blockchain will be a dominant talking point.

Seal continues as a thought leader in the Legal Ops tech sector, and April was a good month for us – Gartner named Seal a “Cool Vendor” in the “Cool Vendors in Content Services, 2018” report and we introduced ‘Intelligent Contracts’ at CLOC 2018. As we strive to innovate, we believe that AI and the Blockchain will be the new paradigm for managing and processing contractual documents.

CLOC 2018 Sponsor: Steve Tucker, VP Seal Software

As CLOC grows so do the opportunities to have meaningful conversations with Legal Ops executives. No doubt the market is embracing advanced technology solutions to support Contract Analytics, but it must be very hard for CLOC members to figure out what is hype vs. reality.

Seal will need to continue to invest and support CLOC and its members so that as the market develops they continue to have an opportunity to hear from the earlier adopters of advanced technology and hear of the real return they are enjoying from vendors like Seal Software. CLOC is an excellent forum for these legal practitioners to tell their stories. As the unicorn growth over the last two years proves – the Legal Ops audience is craving the quality information and networking opportunities that the event provides. While it’s said that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” I think this year’s CLOC attendees experienced a tier one event and went home winners!

Legal Operations Win

Legal Ops and the technology to support them is fast evolving as smart, innovative teams seek for new ways to apply AI technologies to improve the quality, quantity, and cost-effectiveness of the legal teams they support.

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