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Coupa Inspire 2018: Embracing Community, Visibility and Value

When recently interviewing at Seal Software, I recognized the emphasis on cultural fit. I valued that when considering a new position and the Seal team made it clear that the person that joined the company must align with their values and personality. The collaborative and team nature of Seal was a huge selling point for me and after participating at a recent event, I know my instincts paid off.

On day four, I was thrown in the deep end – manning Seal’s booth at Coupa Inspire 2018, North America’s largest Business Spend Management conference. This event demonstrated to me how supportive the Seal team is. Not even one week into this new content marketing role, I was surrounded by industry leaders and new colleagues who are driving technology and data process. I was fast-tracking Seal technology and the larger market quickly. It was a lot to digest but thrilling to see the interest and value that Seal brings to the market. It was the perfect way to start my career at Seal.

From beginning to end, the Coupa Inspire presentations captured the attention of over 1,500 eager attendees. By showcasing new releases and customer insights, Coupa created an atmosphere of excitement by demonstrating innovation. Themes of visibility, community and value resonated across breakout sessions and fireside chats as panelists shared their experiences. During my time at the conference, it was apparent that Seal subscribes to the same tenets, not just from a product standpoint but with every interaction.


Day 1 was a whirlwind of procurement insights and relationship building. After listening to my new colleagues describe our customers’ pain points and their results with Seal, I was eager to learn more and begin telling the Seal story myself. As attendees visited with us throughout the day, the team made sure that I was included. At midday, my supervisor challenged me to speak with every other show sponsor to learn about their products and value-add to the P2P process. What a great way to gain insight into the needs of procurement teams!


Coupa’s focus on customer needs was evident as an impressive 50% of the latest features are a result of user feedback. This emphasis on community as a driving force was also in full view during my time at the conference. As I listened intently and scribbled furiously in my notebook, my colleagues spoke with confidence and empathy about the transformational power of Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics. [Note to self—I need a bigger notebook!]

My own sense of belonging came through the guidance and feedback from colleagues and visitors alike as they celebrated my accomplishments. I stepped out of my comfort zone and moved to the forefront of the booth, telling the Seal story with a sense of confidence, knowing that I hadn’t simply memorized a script; I truly understood the Seal story.


I could not have received a warmer welcome to Seal or a better introduction into the procurement space. At Coupa, I saw, first-hand, how Seal is paving the way as an industry leader and empowering employees along the way. What’s more, I feel as though I am supported and positioned for success. I’m happy to join the Seal team and know that I can help users understand the transformational power of AI-powered discovery and analytics.

As I embark on this journey, my colleagues continue to set the precedent for a smart and people-centric culture. Initially, I sensed that a supportive culture was important to Seal, but Coupa Inspire 2018 really “sealed” the deal. I am now three weeks in and am more excited than ever to grow with this amazing team!