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Forgotten Assets for Greater Learning Outcomes

From a previous blog post and Kevin Gidney’s frequent presentations, it is easy to say that AI and ML are driven by data. In the world of data, you cannot expect exceptional results with messy datasets. In other words, “garbage in, garbage out”.

Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics is exceptionally good in its implementation of AI and ML. As noted in the blog, “If you have a way to handle those errors and mistakes in the pool of data, this will quickly pay off in terms of improved performance. By far the best way is to run your data already in the beginning through subject matter experts.” But, the software itself is not enough.

You need expertise in the implementation of the software to produce the biggest payoff in the shortest period. Before that, you need the hardware and infrastructure to properly and securely run Seal.

Is that sufficient? No! You can still fail because you rely completely on AI and ML while ignoring the OI and HL. What are OI and HL? They are your forgotten assets. They are organic intelligence and human learning.

As previously mentioned, subject matter experts are essential. Above and beyond your own subject matter experts, you must account for the daily keepers of the system and both its functional and technical health. You must assist the variety of casual users who will perform the vast number of queries and exports from the system which will drive its value to your organization. You even need to acknowledge the users who will never touch the system directly, but will be consumers of the data and business insights from the system.

Can you do this on your own? Yes and No. Just like it is possible to implement the platform without any professional services help, but it will take longer. Similarly, it is possible for you to accept the delay of learning and change management services by doing it on your own, but doing so often creates an unintended consequence.

Projects are rarely done without help, which means that they move at a rapid pace. But if you are doing your learning and change management without help, it won’t be long before there is a wide discrepancy in the timelines. This is a gap that threatens the essential payback for the project itself.

This doesn’t need to happen, and it doesn’t have to to cost you a lot to do. Seal’s Learning Services team, through its new Learning Credits offering, can offer you a solution that was previously much more costly.