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Global Expansion – Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

G’day! I recently had the pleasure of taking Seal down to Australia to cover an APAC Momentum conference being held by DocuSign.  Our growing relationship with DocuSign is giving Seal the ideal platform to further expand globally.  This isn’t just having the token customer in a region but truly being a global organization.  In fact, Seal had a customer in Australia not long after we first started which ended up being the poster child for our ability to deliver in other regions.  Seal has grown tremendously since that time, now having an organization that is set to cover truly global organizations in product, delivery, and support. 


Our Seal mascot joined for the event having the same positive response with conference goers as it has in other parts of the world.  Not only did our mascot have a positive response but the trip produced positive reaction from customers and partners alike.  What is clear is Australia and APAC, in general, are facing the same challenges with Contract Discovery and Analytics that are prevalent in other regions.  There is the need to have basic visibility and search across documents to build a contract foundation.  In addition, regulatory, risk and compliance continue to be common global themes with organizations struggling to deal with the challenges of today’s markets conditions.  The beauty of it is that you can solve these challenges with the Seal offerings that DocuSign is selling in the region!

Not dissimilar to the US, Australia is going through quite a bit of political upheaval as well as banking scrutiny.  These were two themes that blanketed the news media over the course of the trip.  While political upheaval can be far-reaching, and not the focus of this blog, banking scrutiny continues to be a powerful use case for Seal on a global basis.  The ability to get your contract house in order for impending regulatory and risk compliance requirements is fundamental for financial institutions.  But banking wasn’t the only sector we met with that showed significant interest. Mining, insurance, retail, and telcoms had sizeable challenges that Seal can solve. The conversations continue to bear fruit following the Momentum event.


Special thanks to the DocuSign APAC team and extended family for the warm welcome and partnership in the region.  The Seal team is looking forward to our joint success in the region.  This was my first time in Australia and what a great part of the world.  You can see why people want to live there with the people and weather making it hard to leave.  Although, you also hear people don’t leave because it takes so long to get there! 

If you weren’t able to make it the APAC Momentum event, meet the Seal team at the next DocuSign Momentum roadshow in London on October 02, 2018.