Here's to the Future of Women in Tech

Here’s to the Future of Women in Tech

Author’s Note: This blog was co-authored by Ah-Née Brown and Charlotte Burckin.

Our time at Seal Software has significantly shaped our perspective of the technology space. As new members of the Marketing team at Seal, we have had the unique and impressive opportunity to learn from two strong female supervisors. We know that our voices are heard and valued as Seal employees and women within the technology industry. Being able to lean on and be guided by fellow women in Seal has accelerated our growth and built our confidence in a male-dominated industry. While we both realize the insight and strength that women bring to the industry, we understand that there is a lack of female representation in the technology space.

As biases in workplace policies continue to prevail across the industry, women are often not given an equal voice. Here is a brief look at the current landscape:

  • Female representation accounts for only 18% of the U.S. tech industry
  • According to Recode, only 50% of startups include any women on their executive teams
  • As of 2017, a mere 17% of CIOs in Fortune 500 companies are women

Although some of the figures are daunting, there is hope moving forward. Seal Software is countering these foundational shortcomings by investing in its employees and providing a collaborative and supportive environment.

In our short time at Seal, we’ve realized the importance of choosing the right company. As women, particularly, we must be cognizant of the culture we are entering and the opportunities for advancement. The culture at Seal is extremely people-centric; everyone is open to feedback and values the opinions and contributions of one another. That positive energy radiates throughout the company and drives growth and success. Having just began our careers in technology, we can truly say that we could not have chosen a better company than Seal.

Within the company, we have women making strides across all organizations. We are proud to have leading women at the table making decisions that are taking the company to new heights. Most recently our executive team has grown with the addition of Carly Rabuco, Chief People Officer. These organizational accomplishments are creating a more diverse workforce and being surrounded by such intelligent and dedicated women in tech has changed our outlook on the industry for the better.

Pictured from left to right: Charlotte Burckin, Carly Rabuco, Ah-Née Brown

We asked a few women at Seal Software what advice they’d give to women interested in pursuing technology; here is what they had to say:


“There are lots of benefits to working in technology, especially high tech. All of that is well and good, but I encourage everyone to focus on finding a company that fosters growth and evaluating a position not only on the salary.”

Susan Pungpravat, Director, Field Marketing

“Do your research. Not all technology companies are the same and it’s important to know what kind of company you’re joining. I was fortunate enough to find Seal Software, a company that works hard, values its employees and their families, and has tremendous success in the space they’re in. Seal’s core values make me proud to be part of this company and the reason why I love working here!”

Genevieve Dong, Director, Legal Solutions Consultants

“Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge/expertise and always be willing to speak up when you find an opportunity that can help the company grow.”

Stacy Hernandez, Controller


As we continue our careers in technology, we look forward to being able to impart the same wisdom on other women entering the tech space. Until then, we remain grateful for the environment that Seal fosters and the women we have the opportunity to learn from. If you are looking to join a passionate and supportive technology company, be sure to take a look at our Careers page. Seal is hiring across departments, in all of our locations, and we’d love to have you.


Here’s to the future of women in tech,

Ah-Née and Charlotte