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How do I use an Export View that I’ve Created?

Training is directly linked to the success rate of technology deployments & enterprise system projects. The Seal Skills Builder Series tackles user adoption challenges with tailored on-demand learning services addressing commonly asked questions and providing user support.

In last week’s user adoption blog, we learned what an Export View is and how to create one within Seal. Once you’ve created the Export View, naturally, you will want to use it to share contract metadata with your team and gather as many insights as possible. In today’s Skills Builder, you will learn how to utilize your Export Views to export out specific attributes, custom field information, and/or necessary data associated with specific contracts. Let’s get started with a step-by-step example:

1.     Once in the Seal environment, select a subset of contracts or ALL the contracts you want to export relevant attribute information for:



2.     After selecting the specified contracts, you will see the following icon:

3.     Click on that icon and go to MetaData CSV. Then select that Export View that you created (i.e. Export_View_Sample).


4.     Click and release. A CSV will start to generate in the background.

5.     To check if the CSV is ready for download, go to your username on the top-right and select My Downloads (Username -My Downloads).


6.    After you click on “My Downloads” you see your file ready for download

NOTE: If you selected a large population, this process can take longer. The download file will only be ready for you to download and save to your local machine when it is complete.

In our example, we now have it ready:


7.    Once the “Download” button is pressed, the file will download to your browser’s “default” download location (most likely your “Downloads” folder).

8.    The completed CSV will be pipe (|) delimited, and therefore, depending on if you are using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, you will need to run the Text-to-Column in order to split the values into their respective columns.

And there you have it, you have just exported out metadata for a subset of contracts. Now you are ready to disseminate information to your team and make informed decisions based on the data you’ve extracted.

If you have any questions regarding user adoption or your Seal deployment, feel free to reach out to me here. For more information on the Seal platform and how the Seal team can assist you in your skill acquisition process, visit our Learning Services page <here>.