Prioritization-How Seal Achieves Organizational Excellence

Prioritization: How Seal Achieves Organizational Excellence

November marks my sixth month at Seal and the topic of prioritization is paramount. Understanding how to properly prioritize affects team dynamics, project success and overall workflow.  I’ve learned that no person can do everything—no matter how well-intentioned—and that is where the art of prioritization comes in. It is all too easy to constantly add items to your “to-do” list, but the impact is not in doing more, it’s in doing what adds value. As the old saying goes, “If everything is urgent, then everything loses its urgency.”

All projects—no matter how big or small—need to be clearly prioritized, but effectively managing your workload takes practice.  It is important to note that distractions and surprises will arise but having a results-driven workflow will empower you and your team to maintain focus and achieve your goals. This idea of prioritization holds true for the business landscape as well. When we think about how organizations approach people, process, and leadership, their priorities must be in line with evolving business needs.

During my time at Seal, I have learned that not only the people but the organization as a whole, make it a priority to achieve organizational excellence in the following ways.

Customer Experience

Customers fuel growth and innovation. When it comes to driving positive engagement, we prioritize customer involvement to ensure long-term success. Keeping customer experience top-of-mind and staying committed to accountability means that we function as a true partnership and ensures that everyone wins.

A Culture of Learning

High-performance organizations invest in their employee’s futures. By promoting a culture of learning, employees are equipped and empowered to make decisions and build skills to do their jobs more efficiently. Our teams are investing in tools and systems daily to foster their growth and take an active role in personal and professional development.

Well-defined Direction

In everything we do, we begin with the end in mind. Defined goals allow teams to prioritize the right projects and execute accordingly. We have a clear vision and all of our departments, from Marketing to Development, are an extension of that vision. From the top-down, we maintain transparency in goals and promote feedback across all channels of the company.

Seal’s commitment to market leadership has positively impacted growth and profitability, and there is no doubt that our productivity and organizational excellence will only increase. The organization prioritizes appropriately and the results speak for themselves. As I embark on my next six months, I am excited to see how Seal continues to evolve and shift focus.

Mastering the art of prioritization allows not only you but your organization to increase the time to value, minimize burn out and become more impactful. As I continue to prioritize daily tasks, I am empowered by my peers to excel and contribute to the productive and efficient environment that Seal fosters.

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