Seal in Cairo, Egypt

In 2017, Seal continued its journey by establishing a new Center of Excellence (CoE) in Cairo. Starting with a very small group of people, representing the core of the CoE, the team has an amazing story of growth, fun, and great success for Seal in Egypt.

What is Seal’s Center of Excellence?

Simply put, the CoE is a Seal operation housing multiple teams under one roof – sharing common management, infrastructure, and recruiting best practices that report back to corporate as a single unit. This diverse group includes contributors to Engineering, Professional Services, Customer Support, Pre-Sales, Document Review, Learning Services, Finance, Seal Cloud Services, and Information Technology. A nearly complete microcosm of Seal’s business is represented in the CoE team.

Why Cairo? – Why not?!

Cairo was selected for a host of unique advantages, including an incredible talent pool. Egypt’s annual graduation pool, of more than 400,000 students, is one of the largest among offshoring destinations. This talent pool provides European language capabilities, as well as fluency in English, for customer-facing roles.

Another advantage is the cost of doing business. Our fully-loaded operating cost is competitive compared to alternative locations across different business units.

As the saying goes, “location, location, location.” Cairo’s strategic location allows Seal to support European customers in the main shift, with added flexibility to support US customers in the evening shift. This easy access to customer locations, combined with a cultural affinity to Europe and the Middle East, complement other Seal sites by enhancing business continuity and mitigating risks.

Cairo has these incredible advantages combined with gorgeous weather (excluding July and August). All in all, Cairo is great and full of wonderful, friendly, fun and energetic people.

For Seal’s CoE to be successful, we must…

  • Continuously focus on driving significant operational and financial efficiencies.
  • Foster a culture of innovation.
  • Leverage available local talent.
  • Improve employee retention.

At the CoE, we managed to create a world-class organization with Seal’s culture and values, as well as one of the best work environments the market has to offer. Our energetic team is passionate about quality, business success, and value creation through continuous process improvement and innovation.

We are Seal’s Center of Excellence!