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Seal Launches Financial Services Suite

Seal has announced the introduction of the Seal Financial Services Suite, the most comprehensive AI solution available for the analysis of complex contracts for the Financial Services community.  This suite is the direct culmination of the near-decade of experience of Seal serving the Financial Services industry and further evidence of Seal’s ongoing commitment to continue to develop meaningful solutions for the needs of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions.

The Seal Financial Services Suite is a reflection of not only Seal’s experience as a company but also the collective experience of our entire Financial Services practice team.  Our two most experienced practitioners each have well over a decade serving as senior counsel to the Financial Services community.  Stuart Brock joined us from Bank of America, where he was responsible for implementing the record-keeping, reporting and compliance systems that Seal directly supports. Lynn Sumlin was a partner in the banking practice at the international law firm of Bryan Cave, where she worked exclusively with the financial services community across a range of use cases.

Financial Services is obviously a great place for Seal – tremendous volumes of complex negotiated agreements and a high, and ever-evolving, bar for record-keeping and reporting around those contracts. But what makes Seal a great choice and the “go-to” solution for so many global leaders in Financial Services?

While clients can and do choose Seal for any number of unique reasons, the reality is that there are 3 common themes for our Financial Services practice:

One – we are enterprise-class and it shows. Banks don’t have a lot of room for error or the ability to pick a dark horse when it comes to mission-critical record keeping and reporting. Seal is a proven platform – we have over 250 employees globally, nearly a decade of experience in the AI space, and the who’s who of Financial Services companies that have successfully implemented our platform.

Two – we have an experienced Financial Services leadership team and an impressive and growing number of solutions specifically designed to address Financial Services pain points.  Rather than ask our clients to “start from scratch” when it comes to the analysis of their contracts, as part of our Seal Financial Services Suite, our clients can choose among a robust collection of pre-built analytic sets for many of the most common Financial Services problems: resolution planning and ring-fencing, procurement and third-party risk, ISDAs and similar trading and derivatives agreements, data privacy, Brexit planning, complex NDA negotiation, and most recently our global IBOR solution. These solutions reflect both the depth of our expertise as well as our ongoing commitment to the Financial Services community.

Third – simply put: Seal just works. While plenty of competitors in the contract AI space are spending time trying to move from a “science experiment” status to becoming a real company, Seal is a proven platform with an arsenal of AI tools under the hood that enable unparalleled training speed and efficacy.  We most recently demonstrated this power at our Duke Law AI Showdown and we will continue to showcase the power of #therealthing during a series of hackathons for our Financial Services clients and prospects in 2019.

We are proud to introduce the Seal Financial Services Suite and could not be more excited to share this solution with our clients in 2019.

To learn more about how Seal is delivering insight and answers to the Financial Services industry, download our Financial Services Suite white paper.