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Seal Software Acquires Apogee Legal

Another exciting week is unfolding at Seal Software; today we announced the acquisition of Apogee Legal in a move that will bolster Seal’s award-winning suite of market-leading Intelligent Content Analytics (ICA) AI solutions and its global management team.

If you follow Seal, you will know that Apogee has been a trusted Seal partner since 2016. Founded by a rare team of visionary, AI-literate lawyers, Apogee has fully taken advantage of Seal advanced analytic capabilities. Over the last three years, Apogee has helped many of our customers with their specific industry and regulatory challenges by developing advanced analytic ‘packs’ that plug into the Seal platform.

Combining the legal AI experts of Apogee with our Machine Learning (ML) specialists creates one of the largest Legal AI development teams on the planet. This winning combination of expertise and product capability coupled with the recently announced $30m round of growth capital funding from Toba Capital opens new realms of possibilities for transformative business use cases and customer solutions.

The entire Apogee team is joining Seal and I am delighted to welcome my new colleagues to the company. Co-Founder Matt Miller is going to continue to lead his team of legal AI development experts in delivering deep analytics for contract insights, Co-Founder Steve Harber is going to focus on the legal strategy of the company, whilst the third co-Founder, Jim Wagner, takes a key role for us as we continue to grow our business, that of Chief Strategy Officer. To me, this is the epitome of bench strength. This team has spent decades with customers, understanding their pain points and delivering solutions to complex legal challenges.

Jim will kick-off an informal CSO Vision Blog series starting next week. I invite you to set a reminder to revisit the Seal Blog and to read more about the Seal Insight Accelerators developed by Apogee Legal.

Brexit Insight™

Procurement Insight™

Data Privacy & GDPR Insight™

QFC Insight™

M&A Insight™

And then later this month on July 24th, Jim will be hosting a webinar focused on  Brexit, the impact of the uncertainty surrounding on legal agreements, and how the Seal Brexit Insight can help remove the uncertainty.

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