Seal Software Now Available in the SAP App Center

Seal Software has participated in the Ariba® ecosystem since we started in 2010, and we are pleased to announce a new partnership that is detailed in the press release here: SAP App Center Press Release. Having initiated and led the Alliance team at Seal since 2012, I am excited to work with Ariba as they now embrace partners like Seal in a collaboration to unlock the power of the SAP® Ariba® platform. Building on the success of the Concur partnerships, the leadership team at Ariba has created a sales model that promotes valuable third-party solutions that augment Ariba’s capabilities and help customers achieve competitive advantage. A core component of this model is the opening of additional Ariba APIs, allowing Seal Software to tightly integrate our solutions with Ariba Contracts and other Ariba applications. This has made it possible for Seal to embed our AI deeper into the Ariba product, providing even greater value to Ariba customers.

Seal Software is one of the first certified Application Extensions for SAP Ariba on the SAP App Center!overview )

A perfect place to extend the Ariba solution is within the traditional Contract Lifecycle Management space. The Contract Management market continues to accelerate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a means to power a broader set of business cases. Seal Software has been solving these challenges for the past nine years, going deep into risk, regulatory, audit, and compliance applications. SAP Ariba will now promote Seal Software as part of their Contracts offering as a seamlessly integrated solution.

As the market leader in AI-driven Contract Analytics, Seal provides SAP Ariba users with the most compelling contract analytics solution for procurement and sourcing. It also opens up a broad range of new options for Ariba customers to extend and digitally transform more business processes and workflows. Seal’s marketplace of over 2000 pre-built models, including the Procurement Insights and Data Privacy accelerator packs, offer procurement teams new capabilities that simplify and speed business as usual.

Seal Software will continue working with our joint customers to extend the solution further over the coming quarters. Look out for our upcoming blogs where we will be digging into more detail on important use cases from the current Ariba integration, including contract discovery and cleanse, AI-driven contract analytics, current Ariba Contract Workspace cleanse, and Ariba Contract upgrades. In addition to our upcoming Ariba blog series, please visit to learn more about how Seal is helping customers with regulatory challenges including GDPR, LIBOR, Data Privacy, and other mandates, as well as general extraction packs that accelerate business challenges like Procurement, M&A, Sales, NDAs, etc.

We look forward to talking to you further about your needs and working with the Ariba Team to solve them!