Jim Wagner
Jim Wagner serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of Seal, working closely with the Seal executive team, to create, communicate and ensure the execution of the strategic plan of the company. Jim is a career entrepreneur with extensive experience in legal technology, a field in which he holds multiple patents. Along with his other responsibilities, Jim works closely with both the company’s clients and the Seal development team to identify and execute advanced use cases for the Seal platform. Prior to joining Seal, Jim served as a founder, CEO and a Managing Director at multiple successful legal technology companies, including most recently co-founding Apogee Legal.

Seal Success Stories of 2019 – Kickoff Hackathon

Jim Wagner | Feb 01, 2019

240+ person Hackathon Showcases Versatility and Speed of Seal Custom Analytics and Power of New Multi-Tenant Linux Platform


Two weeks ago, Seal hosted its annual company-wide kickoff, bringing together more than 240 Seal professionals from 8 offices and 9 countries. To conclude day one of the kickoff, every Seal employee, from our dedicated HR and finance professionals, to our hard-core machine learning specialists, participated in a company-wide hackathon. In addition to the fun of bringing colleagues together in teams, the objective of the hackathon was to introduce the entire organization to the power and versatility of the latest version of the Seal Cloud Services (SCS) platform – release 7.0, our Linux-based multi-tenant powerhouse.

Over the course of two hours, 15 separate teams created in excess of 100 new and unique models to solve real-life problems related to topics such as data breaches, complex liability caps, and late payment penalties. Here are some fun and impressive facts to consider:

  • The entire hackathon system was deployed via Seal Cloud Services v 7.0 with support for Docker and Docker Swarm.
  • Leveraging the capabilities in V7, the power of Google Cloud, and SCS scripting, the team was able to deploy new environments in less than 30 minutes.
  • The support for multi-tenancy Linux results in a total “hardware cost” of deployment that represents the lowest cost per instance in the history of Seal.
  • The hackathon contestants ranged from AI-novice HR and Accounting users to advanced deep learning scientists. The teams utilized every aspect of the Seal AI arsenal – natural language processing, latent semantic indexing, machine learning, pattern recognition, and entity value and extraction – to deliver an extraordinary set of results.
  • Two of the more impressive real-life problems solved by the Seal teams included (1) creating a new learning model to find every contract where the limitation of liability clause contained a cap equal to or greater than $1 million, and (2) finding every contract where the payment terms included a late fee calculated as a percentage of the amount due. 

The Seal Success Story

Seal’s kickoff hackathon is one of our first “Seal Success Stories” of 2019 and demonstrates the scalability, versatility, and speed of Seal AI.  This success story also highlights the incredible enhancements to the Seal Cloud deployment process, including the potential cost and time savings available through Seal’s Linux-based multi-tenant hardware sharing.

If you and your company are interested in experiencing the power of Seal first hand by participating in your own Seal hackathon, please contact your Seal Relationship Manager and become part of our #SealSuccessStories in 2019.