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Seal Version 6 – More Than Just Contracts

The evolution of Seal Software continues with the newest release of its award-winning, AI-powered content discovery and analytics platform. Seal’s new platform version (V6) adds significant capabilities to meet the growing demand to reveal insights hidden within an enterprise’s unstructured content.

The new platform addresses three critical pillars of enterprise readiness:

  • Scalability: With 2X performance enhancements, smart installers and multi-node support the new platform handles a full range of document sets – from thousands to tens-of-millions
  • Extensibility: A new semantic engine adds speed and versatility – including support for third-party document sets (i.e., DocuSign envelope & documents)
  • Insight acceleration: The new Seal Integration Engine extends the capabilities of the Seal Logic Engine, enabling plug-and-play integrations with third-party apps such as DocuSign

Together these pillars are game-changing for businesses seeking insights from their islands of unstructured documents and supporting a more extensive range of use cases across business units and industry verticals.

“Our customers, who have achieved remarkable results using Seal in their legal and procurement departments, are now looking to repeat this success across additional business units and processes.” said Ulf Zetterberg, co-founder and CEO at Seal Software. “Today’s enterprise is looking for faster and deeper analysis of unstructured content, which is greater in volume and variety than ever before. Seal helps these companies integrate this analysis with existing business processes to fuel real and practical digital transformation.”

“We have been successfully deploying Seal analytics into large customers for several years now, not just for contracts, but for other document types,” said Jim Wagner, managing director at Apogee Legal Services, a Seal partner. “The V6 platform builds on this momentum. These enhancements will drive faster and broader adoption of AI-based content analysis across the enterprise.”

Seal V6 is available now.

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