Brian Wick
Brian has over 20 years of experience in the marketing of enterprise document management and business process management technologies. His experience includes heading the solutions strategy and marketing at Documentum, leading the product marketing for Adobe’s LiveCycle BPM platform, and developing the go-to-market strategies for OpenText’s BPM solutions. He has also served as VP of Marketing for several knowledge management and collaboration start-ups. He holds a BS degree in Marketing from the California State University and a MBA degree from Pepperdine University.

Seal Wins Red Herring “Top 100” Award

Brian Wick | Jun 20, 2017

I was fortunate enough to spend a couple days in Los Angeles last week at Red Herring’s Top 100 North America Forum. This is their annual event that includes interesting speakers, a chance to network with some very smart tech executives, and the ability to present an overview of Seal to their judging team in an effort to be chosen as one of Red Herring’s Top 100 for 2017. I jumped at the chance to represent Seal at this event and headed to So Cal.

The event was at the Marina Del Rey Marriott, right on the water in the largest pleasure craft marina in LA. When I got there, I immediately caught some of the speakers sharing their thoughts on the challenges and strategies of building tech companies. Red Herring is all about showcasing high technology innovations, venture investors, and business decision makers, and these events bring together the best up-and-coming companies who are likely to be the shooting stars of tomorrow. Others awarded Red Herring “Top 100” designations in the past include Alibaba, Google, Kakao, Skype, Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube.

Red Herring was founded in 1993, but faced tough times during the dot.com bust. Alex Vieux and editor Joel Dreyfus relaunched the publication in 2004 and have been going strong ever since, especially with their Top 100 awards for North America, Europe, and Asia, and with their Global 100 awards. 

Back to last week. My session was late in the afternoon, and I presented the problems we solve, the value we provide, and for whom. I also talked a bit about our AI-based technology and some of the milestones we’ve hit over the past 24 months. All in my allotted time of 12 minutes.

After catching up on some email, I headed to the awards dinner. There were several entrepreneurs at my table, and we quickly found the old adage of “six degrees of separation” is more like two or three in Silicon Valley, especially for folks like myself who have been here in tech for many years. More LinkedIn connections for sure.

Alex went down the list announcing the winners. When he got to the S’s, he announced Seal Software, and I walked up to receive the trophy and certificate. We are now one of the Top 100 for 2017.

Red Herring takes the task of choosing their Top 100s very seriously. They have been doing this for over a decade, and their focus is looking beyond the hype to highlight truly sustainable technologies, strong teams, and effective business models. It is truly an honor for us to receive this recognition. 

Alex provided some comments after the event, including: “The technical wizardry and first-rate business models showcased here at the conference have been fantastic to learn about. We believe Seal embodies the drive, skill, and passion on which tech thrives. Seal should be proud of its achievement – the competition was incredibly strong.” Listening to some of the other presentations during the judging process, I can attest to the strength of the competition.

Now, awards like this don’t increase revenues or pay bills. But they do acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the entire Seal team, who hammer every day to build leading-edge technology, interface with and support our customers, and keep everything running smoothly. This is a “nice job” for the entire team, all 150 strong, who are helping us meet those milestones and creating a great company.

So, thank you Alex, and the rest of the judging staff at Red Herring, and yes, we are very proud.