Success Within Legal Tech Education

Success Within Legal Tech Education

In recent news, discussions continue to expand around legal technology within law school curriculum. Law schools recognize the evolving demands of the market and are utilizing new approaches to ensure that students are prepared in the digital era. Institutions such as The University of Law in the UK and Suffolk University of Law School have introduced Legal Innovation and Technology degrees and certificates to meet the demand of the evolving field.  We’ve also seen the impact of legal tech at conferences such as Legal Week and CLOC –  which has grown exponentially over the last few years. This reflects the expanding use and demand for AI-powered legal tech by law firms and enterprise legal departments.

According to Jeremy Coleman, innovation manager at Norton Rose Fulbright, this move to focus more on legal tech comes as law firms reevaluate what it means to be a lawyer in today’s market. The application of technology and innovation within the legal sphere is become increasingly important and legal advisors must be conscious of the influence that technology has on digital transformation. In order to solve real-world business challenges, legal professionals need to be equipped with the technical knowledge and what better way than to incorporate that training into law school curriculum?

Last October, Seal Software partnered with the Duke Center on Law & Tech and the Duke Law & Technology Society to sponsor the first annual Legal A.I. Showdown. We brought together some of the nation’s most innovative law students to compete to build their own AI policies to analyze legal contracts. Seal Software President and Duke Law Alumnus, Jim Wagner, along with other members of the Seal team, kicked off the event with a quick tutorial on how to train a Seal machine learning model and craft policies. Student teams then competed to create custom analytic policies for use cases such as M&A, Brexit, and Data Privacy using Seal’s AI-powered platform.

We see this type of hands-on event as an essential component in the empowerment of the next generation. It is equally important to the education of those already in the workforce – including customers and employees. At this year’s kickoff event, we held our first company-wide hackathon, bringing over 200 employees from all departments together to repeat the Duke exercise. This was our first “Seal Success Story” of 2019 and set the tone for customer hackathons to follow. We continuously demonstrate the scalability, versatility, and speed of Seal AI with onsite hackathons. These are combined with training sessions to ensure that every Seal user is getting the most out of their investment in the Seal platform. Education is integral to success and as the legal sector continues to evolve, we are committed to providing practical legal AI knowledge to the larger community.

If you and your company are interested in experiencing the power of Seal first hand by participating in your own Seal hackathon, please contact us today.