Total Search & Intelligent Insights Powered by Seal Software

Seal Software delivers on its commitment to game-changing enterprise applications with the introduction of two DocuSign platform extension offerings. By leveraging new Seal technologies, Seal provides partners and clients with enterprise-ready solutions that increase workflow efficiency while simplifying the process.

The DocuSign System of Agreement (SofA) model is modernizing the way businesses prepare, sign, leverage and manage contracts and the DocuSign Platform Extension program for connected apps is key to accelerating this transformation. By enabling DocuSign partners to plug directly into the DocuSign SofA ecosystem, DocuSign Platform Extensions advance current capabilities for a seamless user-experience. The “Total Search” and “Intelligent Insights” platform extensions by Seal Software add 360-degree visibility into what is inside your agreements, regardless of source location.

New Platform Extension capabilities:

Total Search, Powered by Seal Software:

Single Search – Total Results

  • Search all documents, in all envelopes, across all DocuSign instances
  • Simple, automated import, and OCR as necessary, non-envelope documents into DocuSign, providing a simple unified search across the entire system of agreement portfolio and related documents
  • Global search and filtering by the DocuSign envelope metadata speeds locating and categorizing envelopes for reporting and further processing

Intelligent Insights, by Seal Software, includes all Total Search capabilities plus:

AI-powered Search, Extraction, and Intelligence

  • Automatically extract terms and clauses from all envelopes and documents – including those imported from other repositories
  • Quickly create custom extraction policies or add pre-defined extraction packs for specialized use cases like GDPR, M&A, lease compliance and procurement
  • Built-in BI reporting and dashboard capabilities that eliminate the traditional silos separating contract repositories, enabling rapid response to ad-hoc and complex requests

Product innovation and actionable insight are at the forefront of business strategy as Seal continues to drive digital transformation. Having been named a Cool Vendor by Gartner in the Cool Vendors, Content Services, 2018 report and acknowledged in the Spend Matters “50 Providers to Know” in Procurement list for the third year in a row, Seal is creating digital technology to keep you at the forefront of your market.

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