Turning up the Heat on Content Analytics

Turning Up the Heat on Content Analytics

Can one be hot and cool at the same time? Medically speaking, that is an unusual state to be in. However, if you are a leading hi-tech company like Seal Software, then it is perfectly possible to be both. After being identified as a “Cool Vendor” in Content Services in May of this year, we’ve achieved another similar accolade this week from Aragon Research, the consulting and IT advisory company. This time Seal has been called out as a “Hot Vendor” in Document and Contract Analytics. So yes, we are hot and cool at the same time.

In all seriousness, what this shows is that contract analytics and the broader market of content analytics is real and growing, with interesting vendors playing in the space. Both Gartner and Aragon identify contract analytics as the core use case but additionally, they are thinking at the broader spectrum of unstructured content, and we are increasingly being asked by our clients to bring our award-winning ML technology to bear on other content types, not just contracts.

One of the most recent examples of this expansion for Seal has been our focus on one very common content type, the container of agreements, also known as the digital envelope. This is the paradigm that DocuSign uses to manage the digital signature process for over 400,000 customers. Seal’s integration with DocuSign delivers both envelope metadata analytics and content analytics. A key additional capability is the functionality that allows documents that are related but stored elsewhere (not in the DocuSign instance), to be similarly identified, brought into the Seal environment and analyzed.

Some of the world’s largest companies have invested significantly in DocuSign’s electronic signature technology and have multiple instances in the DocuSign cloud. Getting detailed insight across these has been a challenge in the past but that is where Seal comes in.

Is ‘cool’ the new ‘hot’? or is ‘hot’ the new ‘cool’? When you are both you don’t really mind which it is!

For more information on the recent partnership between DocuSign and Seal, please visit https://www.seal-software.com/DocuSign.

For more information on the Aragon Research Hot Vendor award click here.