Seal Software Culture

Why I Chose Seal

“I chose Seal because of the people, I’ve stayed at Seal because of the people, and I think organizations should do business with Seal because of the people.”

This year, I decided to leave the contract/consulting world and find my next full-time role. As a finance professional, there are an abundance of options, but as you go through the motions, you realize that many of them don’t live up to your expectations. While interviewing with multiple organizations can be overwhelming, there is a silver lining—you learn to recognize the red flags and understand what you want. After numerous interviews, I found Seal Software. Once I met with the controller, I really hoped that Seal liked me as much as I liked Seal. In my final round of interviews, I spoke with rest of the finance team as well as the Chief People Officer and I was ready to commit. Seal Software exhibited everything I had been looking for in an organization—engaged leadership, transparency and diversity—so without hesitation, I chose Seal.

Engaged Leadership

One thing that I have grown to admire about Seal is the representation of women within leadership roles. I am proud to see women making decisions that are advancing our company and changing the industry as a whole. From our General Counsel and Chief People Officer to our Marketing Directors and Controller, women within Seal continue to inspire me to go above and beyond. This sense of empowerment transcends our entire leadership team, who advocate for every employee and encourage open and honest communication. Whether it be one on one meetings with my supervisor or team discussions, I am constantly challenged within my role and met with positive affirmations as a means to succeed.


Organizational transparency is another element where Seal excels. The accessibility of executive team members at Seal is unparalleled and promotes trust across all members of the organization. From the Controller up to our CEO, we have an open-door policy and I am empowered to ask questions. We make it a point to keep the entire organization abreast of accomplishments and challenges across departments. During our quarterly all hands calls and QBR’s, we go over our results and recognize everyone’s contributions to business success. We are constantly holding each other accountable and celebrating success across the company. Every day, I am in a position to learn from my peers and the level of transparency within Seal has played a large role in that.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion were also non-negotiable factors during my job hunt. As a woman of color, my next role had to be one where I felt supported, uplifted and included. At Seal, the environment is just that and more. We have employees who sit in seven offices across nine countries, all of whom recognize the importance of teamwork. From our marketing team in California to engineering in Sweden and Document Review in Cairo, we all work together to ensure that our customers have the best experience with every engagement. This unique perspective gives us the ability to prioritize customer success and collaboration on a global scale. We focus on innovation and creativity, and by doing so, embrace diversity in all aspects of the business.

Seal is filled with people who are invested in their work and passionate about our product. This shared vision means that we are able to develop cutting edge software while putting our customers and people first. If you are interested in joining a collaborative and innovative team, visit our LinkedIn Jobs page for current openings.