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A Year of Success: Seal Cairo CoE

It’s hard to believe that the Seal Cairo Center of Excellence (CoE) was launched just over a year ago. After celebrating our one-year anniversary on October 2nd, we are excited to reflect on a season of growth and achievement. The Cairo CoE started with just 11 employees and over the year the team grew by 240%, with additional headcount planned. We quickly outgrew our initial workspace and on July 1st, 2018, moved to the office that we’re in today.

CEO, Ulf Zetterberg (left) and CTO, Kevin Gidney (right) in Cairo celebrating the CoE one-year anniversary

Our growth is not only about the numbers, but it also manifests most readily in the value that we bring to Seal and the market. By establishing ourselves in Cairo, we’ve created one of the best work environments the market has to offer, furthering Seal’s global vision and values. Our energetic team is passionate about quality, business success, and value through continuous process improvement and innovation. 

SVP of Customer Success, John O’Melia alongside the CoE team

At Seal, inclusion is a priority, and we are proud of the diversity that we foster. Our Cairo CoE office is 62% male and 38% female and spans almost every function, including Development, Cloud Support & Tech Ops, IT Compliance & Risk Management, Consulting, Document Review, Finance, EMEA HR, EMEA Education, Pre-sales and Analytics. As Seal continues to innovate and reaffirm its market leader status, the CoE has been an integral part of the journey.

Notable highlights from our Consulting, Development and Support teams include:

Consultant Team

Along with completing successful projects with enterprise clients including 2 Fortune 500 companies and a Big Four SI, our Consultant team has listened to market feedback to serve our customers better, developments include:

  • Improved contract onboarding
  • Innovations in the scoring of contracts
  • Dashboard report enhancements for Seal Cloud Services (SCS) clients

Development Team

  • Seal Logic Engine (SLE) V1.2: Improved engine logic for tables
  • Seal Integration Engine (SIE) V1.1: Performance and security enhancements
  • Contributions to the Flowable Engine open source community

Support and TechOps

Overall, we could not be prouder of the accomplishments that have come out of the CoE in the last year. As Seal continues to expand its global footprint, we look forward to another year of growth. To learn more about Seal’s expansion in the last year, visit our News and Event page.