Selection of Seal Customers

High Technology


DocuSign, the global leader in eSignature and Digital Transaction Management chose Seal Software for the discovery and data extraction across their contract portfolio.


Nokia Adopts Seal AI Technology for Contract Review. In a man vs. machine test, Nokia decides Seal would save the business the most money. Their in-house tech team is well equipped to build their own artificial intelligence solutions, but instead, they deployed Seal Software’s AI-powered Contract Discovery and Analytics solution to speed contract review.



Seal Software’s client is a leading consulting powerhouse with expertise in Assurance, Advisory and Tax and a top-notch leader in the accounting industry. With a global employee base of over 10,000 and ever-expanding client portfolio, this organization ventured into contract management and picked Seal as a top choice for best contract management enterprise software.

One of the world’s largest professional services and accounting firms chose Seal Software to automate over 700,000 contract review decisions in a major M&A project. With just 14 days left, the Big 4 consulting firm needed help with over 40 topics. Seal fully automated over 90%, leaving less than 1% for manual review.

Financial Services


Active in more than 50 countries and employing nearly 50,000 people, a 150 year old leading global financial services organization providing investment banking private banking and wealth management services, faced an increasing number of regulatory requests. With the aim of increasing their level of service to their global customers, this organization approached Seal to explore different possibilities of reducing their response time to regulatory requests through smart contract management practices.

Financial Technology


A leading FinTech company had a rapidly growing corpus of contracts that needed reviewing, but the paralegals and attorneys the company traditionally outsourced were inefficient and expensive – and frequently failed to identify the nonstandard and complex clauses unique to their business.  This cases study outlines the FinTech company’s journey from using Seal Software for a stand-alone project to establishing it as a strategic component in their contract lifecycle ecosystem and processes.



Known for the manufacture of high-end medical devices used in treating advanced heart failure conditions, a world-class medical device company experiencing a breach approached Seal Software for help in containing the said breach. Seal helped the organization avert such a dire consequence by creating a fully visible, accessible and searchable contract portfolio and lowering processing cost and time for contract review.



Founded in Chicago and with over 2,500 employees, a leading Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) organization’s mission was to improve performance, comply with complex regulations and reduce costs for their clients. With a track record of delivering excellent results, this LPO customer approached Seal with the goal of improving the firm’s risk management services to their clients which Seal delivered with assurance.



The media industry is undergoing a transformation with disruptive technologies and newer content-delivery models. Engaged in the production and marketing of entertainment, news, and information products and services to a global audience, the world’s largest mass media organization donned a proactive hat and approached Seal for their unique contract management needs.



Established in 2005, an independent oil and gas exploration production company headquartered in the middle-east, dealing with a vast array of government policies, tax incentives, and subsidies, obtained the best cost, effort and operational value when they chose Seal Software for their contract management purposes.