Professional Services

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Professional Services


Seal provides a team of highly skilled consultants who work with our customers to understand their requirements to ensure Seal is configured to meet their needs and deliver real business value. Seal’s consultants operate out of various globally located hubs enabling us to put into place effective project teams while providing on-site delivery where appropriate.


Whether launching a new project or upgrading from a legacy system, the Professional Services team helps you maximize the value of your investment for your organization and drive real business results—fast.


Why Us?


Seal’s Professional Services team provides a wealth of technology and project delivery experience, as well as great depth in the Contracts Discovery and Analytics space. No one understands our technology better. One of the key goals of our engagements is knowledge and skills transfer to our customers. We want to truly enable our customers to be self-sufficient and become experts in our technology.


Service Offerings


The Professional Services team was set up to provide a full range of typical system integration services for our clients and partners.  Types of service provided include:

  • System Installation and Setup
  • Document Ingestion and Analysis
  • Policy Development & Coaching
  • Integration with other Corporate Systems
  • System Reporting & Dashboards
  • Health Checks and Tuning
  • System Upgrades


Document Review Services


In addition to providing traditional systems integration services, Seal also provides Document Review Services. There are times when applying the latest NLP, AI, and Advanced Search technologies to extract key clauses and to provide insights into contracts is not sufficient on its own. When additional verification and validation is required, Seal provides comprehensive Document Review Services. Whether complying with regulatory requirements or preparing contract metadata for downstream applications, Seal’s structured, regimented, protocol-based approach to data quality review provides customers with the assurance they need to know their contract metadata is appropriately accurate to support their business needs.