Is Seal a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution?

No. The Seal Platform with Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics solution is a complementary solution to a wide variety of enterprise systems including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

How is Seal different from eDiscovery?

eDiscovery solutions are designed to answer a simple and single yes/no question to the relevancy of files/information. Seal, on the other hand, is designed to extract, present, upload and utilize unstructured pieces of information such as clauses, contracting parties, governing laws etc. into information tangible to business users.

What technologies does Seal use for contract migration and contract analytics?

The Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics Solution performs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) across contracts resulting in searchable documents. The solution uses a combination of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques that enables it to “learn” and store custom extraction rules and policies.

Can I run Seal Contract Analytics (ScA) without Seal Contract Discovery (ScD)?

No – both ScA and ScD are integral to delivering Seal Contract Analytics. Data will flow in an iterative way between the two applications.

Does Seal reduce contract review time?

It depends on the use-case for which Seal is deployed. While Seal helps to reduce the processes such as contract discovery and migration that precede contract review time, certain functions would still require some manual review processes for higher accuracy.

How long is the implementation?

With the pre-requisites and relevant configuration, Seal can provide visibility within 30 minutes.

What file types are supported?

The Seal platform supports doc, docx, pdf, openoffice.org,RTF and image files (TIFF, PDF; JPEG, GIF and BMP). XLS and MSG can be enabled by choice.

How fast is the contract processing speed?

The Seal architecture provides for a multi-node deployment and can process up to 100,000 Image documents per day.

What about paper contracts?

These simply need to be scanned to a file share which Seal would then process.

Is the original document moved/deleted?

The system will take a secure copy of the file and obfuscate the filename. For all image files processed a searchable PDF rendition is automatically created.

What is the backup and recovery process?

Seal can be secured by any backup application.