Financial Services


Seal for Financial Services


No industry is under more intense pressure to understand and manage the contents of its contracts than Financial Services. From assessing third-party risk and data privacy obligations to evaluating currency, interest rate or cross-default exposure, the Financial Services community is continually mining and monitoring its contracts for critical content.


Seal is the global leader and the platform of choice for enterprise contract analytics for the Financial Services industry. More than a dozen of the world’s most recognized and largest financial services institutions utilizes Seal to manage their businesses more effectively, to minimize risk, and to be more responsive to Government oversight.

Why Financial Services Firms Choose Seal


Enterprise Scale and Security – no industry imposes more stringent requirements, both in terms of scalability and security, than Financial Services. Seal has passed the test time and again, securely managing millions of contracts for many of the world’s largest banks, both on premise and in the cloud.


Seal as a Platform – While a single project or use case is a common way to introduce an AI platform, top-tier banks recognize that siloed project-based solutions are not necessarily cost effective. Invariably our clients have identified the rewards of adopting a strategic approach, adopting and standardizing on Seal as their enterprise platform of choice to manage hundreds of document types and thousands of data points.


Dynamic and Customizable – the one constant in Financial Services is, ironically, change. The standards and reporting requirements for banks today invariably will change tomorrow – yesterday was GDPR, today is LIBOR, tomorrow is Brexit. Seal is a dynamic platform, enabling rapid customization of detailed and relevant analytics, as well as real-time analysis of entire contract portfolios for unique and evolving data points.


The Seal Financial Services Suite


As a result of our extensive experience in Financial Services, Seal developed a comprehensive collection of pre-built analytics designed to tackle some of the industry’s most common use cases. The Seal Financial Services suite includes analytics designed to address:

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