Legal Services


Contract discovery and analytics for legal services.


Legal services firms are aggressively moving toward technology to empower their people and processes. Technology will never replace solid legal training, judgment, and counsel, but it can certainly assist in efficiently providing the information necessary to deliver high-quality work. It can also increase efficiency in the form of time and cost savings, which means better outcomes and satisfied clients.


In the corporate transactional and compliance services industry, challenges include:

  • Template standardization and non-standard clause detection
  • Creation of contract playbooks for alternative/fallback clauses
  • Locating specific contracts that pertain to a relevant matter
  • Customized clause extraction
  • M&A due diligence
  • General long-term contract management and maintenance


In addition, many legal services firms are asking themselves how they can improve the delivery time of high-volume contact reviews so they can take on additional projects and convert them to long-standing contract management relationships.

How Seal Can Help


With Seal, you’ll be able to:

  • Locate all contracts “in the wild” and pull them into a secure and centralized repository
  • Extract and index over 50 contract terms, making them easy to search, sort, review, and compare
  • Teach the software your terms, products, and overall language to dramatically increase relevance and accuracy
  • Set up custom search policies to run deep analysis on the areas of particular importance such as a new regulatory directive, product liabilities, service obligations, particular indemnifications, data breach obligations, etc.
  • Ensure contracts are only using approved language. Seal uses a patented technology to find and compare standard and non-standard clauses to better manage your liabilities and risk


Most important of all, Seal will dramatically reduce the costs and timeframes for contract reviews, ensuring you can provide higher degrees of service to your clients.