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Contract discovery and analytics for the enterprise.


As many organizations grow, they create and manage contracts for sales, procurement, legal, and other areas of the business in disparate and disconnected repositories. Each LOB has their specific needs and requirements, and so it makes sense to maintain the contracting process in the LOB.


The problems arise as many contracts get lost, and their terms and conditions are forgotten and unenforced. These contracts “in the wild” across multiple repositories and servers, add unnecessary and significant risk and cost to the organization as a whole.


Most organizations, through a business event, M&A activity, regulatory mandate or just wanting to get their risk under control work to fix the problem. But they’re often forced to undergo manual contract reviews, which are very expensive and disruptive.

How Seal Can Help


  • Find all your contracts across the organization and bring them into a centralized and secure repository.
  • Immediately extract over 50 pieces of contract intelligence, including terms, provisions, and data that impacts your business.
  • Help you search for, sort, review, and compare contract data.
  • Locate the “hot spots” of risky transactions, most favored nations or dynamic pricing, auto renewals, termination clauses, and indemnifications just to name a few.
  • Ensure your contracts meet requirements for global regulations such as revenue recognition, labor laws, and other liabilities within your supply chain.
  • Better manage your contractual, financial, and operational risk against corporate benchmarks.


And since Seal integrates with eProcurement, sourcing, contract life cycle management, and supply chain management systems, it helps reduce cost leakage, increase overall savings on purchases, monitor risk exposure, and enhance supplier visibility.


With Seal, companies can focus on creating clear vision into their business relationships, knowing they can always search, extract, review, and act on the data and obligations buried deep within their contract portfolios.