TheStreet, Inc. Renews Its Investment in Seal Software and Is Confirmed as Speaker at Seal Insight 2018
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - February 13, 2018

After Successfully Implementing Contract Discovery and Analytics for Dispersed and Legacy Contracts, TheStreet Plans to Expand Usage to Other Contract-centric Use Cases

Seal Software is pleased to announce that The Street, Inc., the global financial news and services firm co-founded by Jim Cramer in 1996, has furthered its investment in Seal’s discovery and analytics platform to extend its application to other use cases. After a focus on consolidating contracts from a diverse set of sources into the Seal repository, TheStreet plans to extract key data from supplier and other procurement contracts. In addition, TheStreet will use Seal to derive insight as it relates to key pieces of legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As one of the leading publishers of financial news and information, and deep domain content, TheStreet has attracted a large and loyal readership over the past 22 years. As such, it takes its responsibilities for data protection extremely seriously. The GDPR regulation defines how a company must protect the personal data of European Union (EU) citizens that it stores and what steps need to be taken should a data breach occur. A lot of obligations are defined within the contracts between the company and individuals, suppliers and customers. Being compliant requires a full understanding of these, but also a readiness to act within the stated window should such an event occur. Seal’s technology facilitates this process.

TheStreet is also confirmed as a main customer speaker at Seal Insight 2018, the Seal customer conference in New York City held in September.

“We selected Seal a year ago to bring some rigor and process around our new and legacy contracts,” said Heather Mars, general counsel at TheStreet. “Having completed that project, we now want to derive greater insight from the contracts, ensure we are meeting regulations as they pertain to contracts and identify revenue recovery opportunity and cost saving measures, again, from within the contract corpus.”

“I am delighted that TheStreet continues to derive value from its use of Seal technology,” said Ulf Zetterberg, co-founder and CEO of Seal Software. “As a major financial news and services provider, TheStreet is highly respected by the finance community, many of whom are similarly using Seal to unearth insights from their contracts, and we are proud to partner with them.”

About Seal Software 
Seal Software is the leading provider of contract discovery, data extraction, and analytics. With Seal’s machine learning and natural language processing technologies, companies can find contracts of any file type across their networks, quickly understand what risks or opportunities are hidden in their contracts, and place them in a centralized repository. Based in San Francisco, Seal empowers enterprises around the world to maximize revenue opportunities, reduce costs, and mitigate risks associated with contractual documents, systems, and processes. For more information, visit Seal Software at http://www.seal-software.com.

About TheStreet, Inc. 
TheStreet, Inc. is a leading financial news and information provider to investors and institutions worldwide. The Company’s flagship brand, TheStreet (http://www.thestreet.com), has produced unbiased business news and market analysis for individual investors for more than 20 years. The Company’s portfolio of institutional brands includes The Deal (http://www.thedeal.com), which provides actionable, intraday coverage of mergers, acquisitions and all other changes in corporate control; BoardEx (http://www.boardex.com), a relationship mapping service of corporate directors and officers; and RateWatch (http://www.rate-watch.com), which supplies rate and fee data from banks and credit unions across the U.S.