Enterprise Document Digitization

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JDX Enterprise Document Digitization


Leveraging AI-based contract analytics from Seal—the key to future document digitization


JDX has a practical approach to digitization, leveraging their agile AI-building methodology to pivot existing tactical projects & programs towards an overall enterprise strategy. This involves leveraging knowledge & data management, emerging technology and transforming remediation initiatives into a data driven operating model.

Seal’s AI-based contract analytics platform coupled with JDX’s proprietary data extraction models create an unparalleled document digitization solution.

AI’s effectiveness directly relates to the extent to which it was trained by subject-matter-experts on representative sample documentation. JDX has experts on hand to tailor AI rules as necessary, unlocking the true value of the technology.

Clients to our partner solution can expect a clear strategy, contract scoping & centralization, playbooks, bespoke thresholds and tailored AI-rules.

JDX & Seal have been working together for a number of years, supporting a broad range of clients across multiple sectors/segments, the longstanding partnership has tackled regulatory & business transformation, e.g. IBOR, UMR, QFC, Procurement.


Formed in 2012, JDX had a vision to create a global consulting firm inspired by entrepreneurship and a unique culture. An intelligent, outcomes-focused, business partner committed to delivering exceptional client satisfaction, JDX provides valuable, strategic, technology and operational consulting services. With a history of proven solution delivery, JDX is a trusted advisor to its clients in financial services companies, market intermediaries and FinTech companies. A global firm, JDX has offices in New York, Dublin, London, Birmingham, Singapore and Hong Kong. To learn more about JDX, visit www.jdxconsulting.com