Seal Software Announce Partnership with Online Sourcing Specialist MarketMaker4

MarketMaker4 to offer Seal’s unique Contract Discovery to enhance sourcing projects and market intelligence services

Seal Software, a provider of solutions to discover, capture, extract and manage contracts, today announced a new partnership with MarketMaker4, the UK and US provider of online sourcing and negotiation solutions. The partnership will see MarketMaker4 enhance their customer offering, by utilizing Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics to assist in automatically locating and extracting key contractual terms, dates and other information from procurement, sourcing and other documentation.

Dave Bowen, CEO of MarketMaker4 commented, “From a sourcing perspective, being able to review contracts in a timely manner is a critical activity – both in preparation for contract renewal, and for monitoring any rebates or price-breaks that may be due. All too often revenue opportunities are delayed or lost, due to the lack of visibility of contracts that are not in the contract repository. The Seal Contract Discovery solution is truly ground-breaking, addressing any lack of diligent contract filing by automating contract discovery. We have shown the product to many of our clients and they are very excited about both the incremental cash savings and risk management benefits this enhancement will offer them.”

MarketMaker4 Chairman, Chirag Shah added, “The Seal solution is a unique and valuable enhancement within our business intelligence module and creates a natural extension of our Sourcing capability into the Contract Management segment. To fully enhance its effectiveness we have built an interface that structures contract data in a way that maximizes its efficacy for the procurement user and integrates data seamlessly with our other applications.”

Ulf Zetterberg, Founder and CEO, Seal Software said, “The MarketMaker4 team has designed a highly innovative procurement platform with an approach and functionality that we have not seen elsewhere. Seal’s unique, automated contract discovery capabilities, when combined with MarketMaker4’s easy to use SaaS application creates a compelling one-stop spend management solution for supply chain professionals, with many possible applications. We’re delighted to be announcing this partnership today and look forward to working closely with the MarketMaker4 team.”

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About MarketMaker4

MarketMaker4 is an international company with offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. MarketMaker4 combines the 4 vital components that maximize the potential of sourcing activities: 1) MarketMaking™ services; 2) a state of the art eSourcing suite; 3) business intelligence and 4) supply market insights. The MarketMaker4 leadership team are pioneers of the eSourcing industry.

About Seal Software

Seal Software provides solutions to discover, capture, extract, create and manage contracts. Seal’s unique combination of Contract Discovery (cDiscovery) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) provides insight, lifecycle management and reporting for law firms, General Counsel, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) and eDiscovery vendors.

Seal’s cDiscovery automatically discovers existing contractual documents, extracting key information from any file type. Applicable in contract abstraction, due diligence and procurement environments, Seal can identify and process thousands of documents per day, reducing the time and cost of discovery, due diligence and contract abstraction.

Seal’s Dolphin CLM for SharePoint manages contracts in a secure repository, from creation to ongoing proactive management of contract performance.

Seal’s solutions  help organizations in verticals such as legal services, financial services, oil and gas, high-tech, pharmaceutical, media, manufacturing, transportation, and telecommunications achieve control of their contracts and obligations for compliance, cost saving and competitive advantage.

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