Seal Software Wins 2018 Aragon Research Innovation Award for Content Analytics

Vendors Are Selected for Innovation Awards Based on the Core Innovation of Their Product or Service

Seal Software has been named a winner of the 2018 Aragon Research Innovation Award for Content Analytics. The award recognizes the visionary use of technology in the development of Seal’s AI-based contract discovery and analytics platform. Aragon Research selects Innovation Award winners based on the core innovation of their product or service and recognizes providers who are actively disrupting and informing how their markets will evolve.

Seal Software’s contract discovery, data extraction, and analytics platform employs artificial intelligence to help enterprise firms maximize revenue, improve business efficiency and build intelligence around the data already available to them. A global leader in the application of AI for intelligent data analysis, Seal’s technology is among the most commercially advanced uses of natural language processing, machine learning, and latent semantic indexing.

“We are proud of our role in the incredible innovation taking place around AI, and Seal is setting the pace for how AI technologies yield more efficient, smarter and ultimately better business decisions and outcomes,” commented Kevin Gidney, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder at Seal Software. “The Aragon award is an inspiring acknowledgment of our work and commitment.”

Seal Software reduces time and cost when it comes to the manual review of vast repositories of contractual documents. The platform performs the automated discovery of contracts across an entire organization, extracting the valuable terms, provisions, and clauses buried in the document text. It then analyzes relationships between different language and concepts to identify both standard and non-standard conditions that require novation, remediation, repapering or termination, without the need for data scientists, consultants, or technical staff.

For most types of organizations, it’s important to understand these commercial relationships and terms which may indicate non-compliance, risk, or unexploited competitive opportunities.

Seal Software was formally presented with the award on Dec. 6 at Aragon Transform, the annual Aragon Research awards ceremony. The identification of an Aragon Research award winner is not an endorsement by Aragon Research of any vendor, product, or service.

About Seal Software
Seal Software is the leading provider of contract discovery, data extraction, and analytics. With Seal’s machine learning and NLP technologies, companies can find contracts of any file type across their networks, quickly understand what risks or opportunities are hidden in their contracts and place them in a centralized repository. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seal empowers enterprises around the world to maximize revenue opportunities, reduce costs, and mitigate risks associated with contractual documents, systems, and processes. For more information, visit Seal Software at

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