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Seal Software solves problems by helping users ask and answer questions faster than any other contract analysis process – manual or technology powered. A few examples of where Seal is adding value to our customers:


Search & Find what you need when you need it – Seal discovery and search capabilities create a logical search and intelligence layer that spans all your physical repositories. Seal provides a unified point of access to search, and analyze all contracts, DocuSign envelopes, and related documents regardless of the original location, simplifying and speeding all contract dependent processes.


DocuSign Total Search and Intelligent Insights powered by Seal highlights the value of a good search capability.


Knowledge Extraction –The dynamic AI-powered analysis of the Seal platform overcomes the challenge of poor, out-of-date metadata and legacy tools that rely on keyword matching. The logical intelligence layer contains rich contextual information that derives answers in real-time. This Seal capability also streamlines the contracting process by eliminating the need to manually update contract metadata.


Minimize risk – an M&A Case Study: Seal automates contract due diligence using the Seal M&A Insight Accelerator to analyze more contracts, faster and more accurately than an outsourced manual review.

In a recent M&A action with a Global 2000 company, Seal automated 90% of the human tasks and reduced overall completion time by 75%.


Contract visibility with proactive value-add – Success in procurement requires optimization of all aspects of the P2P process, companies spend billions to improve efficiencies and cut costs. But one area is still operating very much the same as it did ten years ago – contracts. Most companies execute and file the contract, manually reviewing it only when it comes up for renewal, or there is an issue.


Seal advanced analytics for procurement provides a way to activate and leverage the information in the contract to proactively manage outcomes. Seal adds slice & dice capabilities to vendor contracts with AI-powered analysis capabilities built by domain experts across three key areas machine learning, contracts, and procurement. The result is a solution that is driving improved outcomes measured in the millions.


Seal advanced analytics for procurement is working with a Fortune 500 company to improve their procurement outcomes. In the first month, they reclaimed £5M and targeted over £50M in improvements to the supply chain for the first year.