Seal Cloud Services

Fully Managed SaaS Platform
Secure, Scalable, and Compliant
Deploy in Minutes, Hibernate At Will



We realize our customers want choice. For some customers, they want or have corporate mandates that demand running the software on-premise, but for more and more of our customers the ability to have their Seal Contracts Discovery and Analytics platform run in a secure and protected cloud environment is the desired deployment model for them.


Cloud Services offers customers the following two (2) broad benefits:

  • Cost Savings & Ease of Operation: No capital outlays and no need to hire staff to manage the infrastructure and Seal platform. Let the Seal experts run Seal for you. We focus on what we do best allowing you to focus on your core competencies.
  • Business Agility: You get to skip to the front of the line and have Seal deployed or upgraded in days versus weeks or months. The elastic nature of cloud computing allows us to scale as your business needs grow and to tune the infrastructure to align with the lifecycle of an application.


With this in mind, the company offers the Seal Cloud Services (SCS) – a fully managed offering of the Seal platform. SCS is a consistent and secured managed service where Seal deploys and manages the entire software stack and infrastructure, leveraging the latest automation tools and cloud technology.

Secure, Scalable and Compliant Cloud Services


Seal has partnered with a leader in the space, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), to offer state of the art performance, security, integrated compliance framework, and industrial strength reliability. GCP also offers a worldwide network of Data Centers – complete with certification and hardening that gives you the choice where your solution is deployed.


On top of the GCP layer, SCS adds value by deploying the Seal Application utilizing Seal experts and known best practice sizing and configuration. Daily encrypted backup is provided along with disaster recovery (DR).


Additional security is provided by SCS performing risk assessments and remediation, penetration and vulnerability scanning, antivirus & intrusion/malware detection, and SOC 2 certification.


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