Seal Now™

Killer App for Third-Party Paper

Seal Every Contract. Seal Every Day.


Seal Now™ is a contract analytics product specifically designed to address the review and negotiation of third-party paper (draft contracts prepared on another party’s templates), the most complex, risky and time-consuming aspect of the contracting process.  Seal Now leverages the full AI capabilities of the Seal enterprise contract analytics platform and provides the results to the end user directly in Microsoft1 Word®, the environment most used and preferred by contracting professionals globally.

Determining the extent to which a third-party draft contract complies or conflicts with internal policies is the most time-consuming and risk-prone aspect of contract negotiation.  To simplify the process, Seal Now delivers real-time scorecards providing AI insights into the extent to which draft contracts conform to or diverge from a company’s legal standards. Seal Now delivers these simple risk and compliance scorecards directly in the Microsoft Word environment, leveraging a user-friendly “traffic signal” interface (red light / yellow light / green light).  Seal Now also delivers the same scorecards via email and reports enabling a greater degree of transparency into the negotiation process, and to help set expectations around negotiation timelines.

“Every legal department wants to reduce deal negotiation times, improve quality of the contract negotiation, and, of course, identify any issues as early as possible in the drafting phase. This is especially important when dealing with third-party contracts. We have been working with Seal on the development of Seal Now and believe it addresses these pain points admirably.”

Dan Reed, Founder and CEO, UnitedLex

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