Total Search DocuSign Platform Extension

The Total Search platform extension, powered by Seal Software, add 360-degree visibility into DocuSign agreements, helping organizations identify risks, obligations, and opportunities that exist within their organization. Total Search overcomes the challenges of finding specific contractual terms and provisions amongst thousands of envelopes and digital agreements scattered across the enterprise.

Intelligent Insights DocuSign Platform Extension

The Intelligent Insights platform extension, powered by Seal Software, add 360-degree visibility into DocuSign agreements, helping organizations identify risks, obligations, and opportunities that exist within their organization. Intelligent Insights includes all the cross-repository discovery and search benefits of the Total Search extension plus AI-powered contract extraction and analytics capabilities and a business intelligence and data visualization engine.

Ariba & Seal Software - Better Together

Implementing an Ariba or SAP contract management solution can integrate many upstream and downstream procurement functions, removing time and costs, reducing errors, and increasing spend under management. Those systems will also track contract metadata so you always know what terms, obligations, and legal exposure you are holding within your vendor community.

Seal Capabilities Overview Infographic

Seal Software contract analytics provides the right contract data at the right time, transforming contracts into a strategic source of information. This infographic highlights some of the key capabilities of the Seal platform. From contract discovery, information extraction, and processes enablement, on to contract search, review, and analysis, and topping off with Intelligent contracts. The Seal platform enables the extraction of value from unstructured data in the same way business intelligence tools extract value from structured data enabling the next wave of productivity gains. 

What's New in Seal Version 5.4

The use of AI technology in the enterprise provides both advantages and challenges. From day one Seal focused on creating outcomes that exceed enterprise user expectations. Designing in the scale, adaptability, user experience and manageability that sets it apart from legal AI solutions designed for legal firms or generic AI platforms that take dedicated data scientists armed with reams of relevant data to train. The Seal 5.4 release continues the Seal commitment to customer success.

Infographic: 3 Steps to Analytics Mastery for Procurement

As procurement climbs the ranks of strategic importance to the business, practitioners will need to begin to quickly find the data, insights, and strategies that will take them from backroom processing to strategic advisor in the boardroom — and there’s no better place to start that journey than by getting a handle on your contracts. Check out the infographic to learn how to start your journey!

M&A Insight™

The M&A Insight™ solution addresses the challenges of due diligence. It provides a more efficient, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution than the traditional manual review that often produce incomplete information. Built by Apogee on the Seal Software contract analysis platform. M&A Insight combines the best of artificial intelligence with Apogee’s extensive M&A background and subject matter expertise.

GDPR Readiness Infographic

There is a significant risk that your contracts may be GDPR compliant but not GDPR incident ready.

This infographic profiles a typical Fortune 500 company’s contract discovery and analysis in preparation for GDPR. Highlighting the insights and information that you will need to ensure your contracts are both compliant and incident ready.


GDPR INSIGHT™: GDPR Readiness & Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), passed by the EU Parliament in April 2016 and effective May 2018, is the most significant development in data privacy and protection that Europe has seen over the past twenty years. Businesses subject to the GDPR face an unprecedented level of regulatory requirements, and potential fines, both for themselves and for their third-party contractors. 

Procurement Insight

Global procurement leaders have increasingly seen their responsibilities shift from traditional vendor selection to today’s proactive management of third-party risks and compliance, both from a diligence and a contractual perspective. The same sourcing leaders have been tasked with gathering and reporting on key vendor-management metrics, many of the details of which reside in one or more contractual documents governing the vendor relationship. 

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