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Seal Legal AI Benchmark Infographic

A leading FinTech company had a rapidly growing corpus of contracts that needed reviewing, but the paralegals and attorneys the company traditionally outsourced were inefficient and expensive – and frequently failed to identify the nonstandard and complex clauses unique to their business. This infographic outlines the FinTech company’s journey from using Seal Software for a stand-alone project to establishing it as a strategic component in the their contract lifecycle ecosystem and processes.

LIBOR Insight™

LIBOR Insight™ is Seal’s solution that will allow institutions to triage their critical financial transactions and identify those legal documents that present risk or require remediation based on the presence of LIBOR-related terms. Combining Seal’s powerful AI capabilities with its proven models for the analysis of LIBOR-related issues, LIBOR Insight delivers an unprecedented level of insight and automation into virtually every common form of LIBOR-based contract. 

NDA Insight™

NDA Insight™ is Seal’s comprehensive answer for NDA contract analysis. Combining the Seal platform’s powerful AI capabilities with Seal’s legal-AI industry expertise delivers an unprecedented level of insight and automation to the review, remediation, and negotiation of NDA agreements.

Nokia Adopts AI Technology for Contract Review as Legal Chief Takes New Business-Focused Role

Seal Software customer, Nokia Technologies has adopted AI technology to drive business agility for its global legal team. By training the machine learning platform, the global telecom company is confident that their legal professionals will become more accurate and efficient when analyzing legal contracts. When evaluating AI vendors, Nokia Technologies determined that Seal would save the business the most money. In turn, Seal has opened the door for AI adoption in other Nokia departments.

Brexit Insight™

Brexit Insight™ is Seal’s legal application to analyze enterprise contracts for a range of Brexit-related topics, including basic subjects such as governing law and jurisdiction, and more complex topics such as “change of law” within Force Majeure clauses. Brexit Insight delivers an unrivaled level of detailed information with respect to the “Brexit issues” in an enterprise contract portfolio.

Seal Cloud Services (SCS) - Managed Service for Seal Platform

Deploying and managing enterprise applications can be complex, expensive, and risky. There are a lot of moving parts to get an application up and running smoothly. There is cost and effort associated with hardware, configuration, networking, security, testing, DR, backup, and tuning the environments. Additionally, there are security software license costs for intrusion detection, virus scanning, and firewalls. To make the application and all of the infrastructure run smoothly, with high performance and SLAs, requires skilled resources working 24x7, 365 days a year. Seal Cloud Services (SCS) addresses these challenges and provides the secure, reliable, and cost-effective option.

Total Search DocuSign Platform Extension

The Total Search platform extension, powered by Seal Software, add 360-degree visibility into DocuSign agreements, helping organizations identify risks, obligations, and opportunities that exist within their organization. Total Search overcomes the challenges of finding specific contractual terms and provisions amongst thousands of envelopes and digital agreements scattered across the enterprise.

Intelligent Insights DocuSign Platform Extension

The Intelligent Insights platform extension, powered by Seal Software, add 360-degree visibility into DocuSign agreements, helping organizations identify risks, obligations, and opportunities that exist within their organization. Intelligent Insights includes all the cross-repository discovery and search benefits of the Total Search extension plus AI-powered contract extraction and analytics capabilities and a business intelligence and data visualization engine.

Ariba & Seal Software - Better Together

Implementing an Ariba or SAP contract management solution can integrate many upstream and downstream procurement functions, removing time and costs, reducing errors, and increasing spend under management. Those systems will also track contract metadata so you always know what terms, obligations, and legal exposure you are holding within your vendor community.

Seal Capabilities Overview Infographic

Seal Software contract analytics provides the right contract data at the right time, transforming contracts into a strategic source of information. This infographic highlights some of the key capabilities of the Seal platform. From contract discovery, information extraction, and processes enablement, on to contract search, review, and analysis, and topping off with Intelligent contracts. The Seal platform enables the extraction of value from unstructured data in the same way business intelligence tools extract value from structured data enabling the next wave of productivity gains. 

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