Predictive Coding vs. Contract Discovery Executive Overview

Predictive coding is a technical term for the ability to leverage machine (computer) logic to help assist in the human review process of extracted Electronically Stored Information (ESI). This process is considered a Technology Assisted Review (TAR) of extracted ESI.

Seal Wealth and Investment Management Datasheet

With the introduction of new and changing laws such as Dodd-Frank and ERISA, regulatory compliance grows more challenging by the day. In many cases, new mandates require firms to review, analyze and identify the relevant terms and provisions held in their contracts. How can you meet this challenge? With the help of the Seal Platform! Download the datasheet to know how the Seal Platform can find all your contracts leading to deeper insight, less risk, and better business decisions.

Top 5 Tips: Dusting Off your Contracts

This guide has been developed to help financial services organizations to efficiently and effectively address the European Banking Authority (EBA) Draft Regulatory Technical Standard on a minimum set of the information for financial contracts. Download this document to know more in detail about top 5 tips you need to consider.

Contract Discovery for Salesforce Success Story: A Global Information Services Organization Significantly Improves Key Business Processes

Incomplete contractual information in Salesforce - the customer contract and all its terms, conditions, clauses, obligations and milestones - can hinder your ability to profitably service your customers.

Seal Contract Lifecycle Management Datasheet

Business processes are defined by their efficiency. An organization's productivity is bottlenecked when contractual information is seemingly inaccessible. Is thorough and timely contractual visibility a reality within your organization? How familiar are these obstacles?

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