Webinar Centralize Search Analyze DocuSign Agreements

Webinar: 3 Steps to Centralize, Search & Analyze Agreements (On-Demand)

Ready for a unified access point to your DocuSign agreements? A simple, but total search across those agreements with the ability to efficiently analyze agreements for actionable insights and enhanced reporting?
Watch this webinar to learn how the new DocuSign Platform Extensions, powered by Seal Software, can save money, reduce risk, and provide business insights to help you uncover new business and revenue opportunities.

Webinar: Brexit Insight (On-Demand)

Brexit is likely to have a major impact on your organisation’s commercial relationships. There may be 8 months to go until the UK leaves the EU, however, the time to remediate and prepare is running out. In this webinar, learn how Brexit Insight helps you move from uncertainty to insight and secure a commercial advantage before and after Brexit.


Webinar: Procurement Insight (On-Demand)

In this webinar, David Silbert and Stuart Brock, Directors at Apogee Legal, shares how Seal helps procurement professionals and the legal teams that support them. The demo will illustrate how Seal solves the most common and complex challenges that teams face by delivering an unprecedented level of insight into the realm of enterprise contracts.


Webinar Series: Procurement's Path: From Backroom to Boardroom On-Demand

All procurement professionals want more visibility, both personally and professionally. They want to move from a cost-containment centricity to a revenue-enhancing, top-line driving centricity, and in so doing move their function from the backroom to the boardroom.
This webinar series focuses on 3 stages of maturity for procurement, from gaining visibility to surfacing saving and spend opportunity, through to metrics-driven best-in-class contract analytics. Join us!

GDPR On-Demand Series

The looming implementation of the GDPR continues to grow closer. Are you sure you know the risks and liabilities hidden within your existing contracts? Following an incident, could you find and review the relevant contracts within the mandatory 72-hour reporting window?


Webinar - Top 5 New Year's Resolutions for Contract Visibility and Insights

Start your 2018 with five resolutions to help your organization transform the role of contracts to drive actionable insights for savings and revenue recovery opportunities.

  • Find all key content from across the organization
  • Extract and analyze important provisions
  • Automate the mundane
  • Add contract data to the spend management system and vendor performance dashboards
  • Get Google-like visibility into contract risks and opportunities
Contract Discovery and Analytics On-Demand

Espresso Webinar - Contracts Discovery and Analytics

View this 15-minute espresso webinar to learn more about the leading Contract Discovery and Analytics platform. Built on a foundation of artificial intelligence, companies can find contracts of any file type across their networks, quickly understand what risks or opportunities are hidden in their contracts, and place them in a centralized repository.

Espresso Webinar Enterprise Analytics On-Demand

Espresso Webinar: Enterprise Analytics

Watch this enterprise analytics on-demand webinar where we'll discuss how analytics can help your organization succeed


Espresso Webinar: Vendor Contract Compliance

View this webinar to see how the power of Seal and the VCC InsightTM (Vendor Contract Compliance) package, an Apogee Analytic PackTM built on Seal Software, deliver an unprecedented level of insight and automation into the enterprise vendor contract world.


Espresso Webinar: Analyze This Now!

In this edition of our Espresso Webinar series, we'll discuss how Seal's Analyze This Now (ATN) pulls existing contracts directly into Microsoft Word, converting all documents - including PDF and TIFF images - into MS Word format. 


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