The ROI of a Contract Analytics Platform for Financial Services

Watch as Seal Software's Stuart Brock, Director Analytics Production Group and Adam Schwartz, Pre-Sales Manager for a 30-minute presentation and demo to learn how Seal’s pre-built capabilities for many common financial services use cases are saving companies significant time and money while transforming strategic processes and providing insights previously unavailable.

5 Reasons to Leverage AI for Procurement Contract Visibility and Outcomes

Seal for Procurement adds the intelligence necessary to slice, dice and analyze contracts at a meaningful level – saving companies millions and reducing risk. Consolidate access and add AI-enhanced search of contracts and DocuSign envelopes, Maintain detailed and rich metadata – dynamically, Mobilize contract data for action and work-flows, Merge contract data with spend data for 360-degree visibility, Proactively mine contracts for cost-saving opportunities and hidden risks. Seal provide more detailed answers faster and cheaper than manual processes and augments the CLM systems with a layer of intelligence.

3 Steps to Trust & Unlock the Data in Your SAP Ariba Contract Management System

Seal Procurement Contract Intelligence Webinar Series Part 1 of 2 SAP Ariba is utilized to facilitate US$ 1 trillion in commerce on an annual basis. The system provides significant contract lifecycle management capabilities that Seal Contract Analytics augment and enhance. -Seal’s data hygiene capabilities to enhance adoption and trust in ACM -Automatic metadata and DocuSign envelope extraction and update of ACM metadata fields -Push extracted data and intelligence into any part of the procurement process or data lake

Procurement Leaders: The 3 Biggest Data-led Opportunities

Listen to this webinar featuring expert insights, corporate experience, and research-based analysis as we help you harness your sourcing and procurement data. 

This webinar will look at the 3 biggest opportunities to transform your sourcing process into a proactive value delivery process based on data-driven insights.


Phasing out LIBOR - How to prepare your contracts

To prepare for the transition away from LIBOR, financial institutions need to identify and inventory the at-risk agreements. Seal’s Jim Wagner and Lynn Sumlin, alongside D2 Legal Technology’s Peter Newton, explore the impact that phasing out of LIBOR will have in the financial services community and steps organisations can take to prepare from a contractual perspective.


DocuSign's New Platform Extensions: What You Need To Know

One of the hardest aspects of a digital transformation of contract processes is understanding where the opportunities for ROI exist and prioritizing them. The System of Agreement, as envisioned by DocuSign, is a way for customers to create an end-to-end process, eliminating information silos and disjointed processes and the resulting costs and risks. Watch as Seal Software experts Joe Depew, Manager Strategic Alliances and Tom Radojicic, Sr. Solutions Consultant, discuss and demonstrate how the new DocuSign Platform Extensions, powered by Seal Software, can save money, reduce risk, and provide business insights to help you uncover new business and revenue opportunities.

Unlocking the Value in your Contracts – Seal Software is Key

Join us as Seal Software experts, Mark Grottano & Adam Schwartz, discuss and demonstrate how Seal solves some of the most complex challenges that teams face in the areas of data privacy, lease management, service level agreement management etc.
Webinar Centralize Search Analyze DocuSign Agreements

Webinar: 3 Steps to Centralize, Search & Analyze Agreements (On-Demand)

Ready for a unified access point to your DocuSign agreements? A simple, but total search across those agreements with the ability to efficiently analyze agreements for actionable insights and enhanced reporting?
Watch this webinar to learn how the new DocuSign Platform Extensions, powered by Seal Software, can save money, reduce risk, and provide business insights to help you uncover new business and revenue opportunities.

Webinar: Brexit Insight (On-Demand)

Brexit is likely to have a major impact on your organisation’s commercial relationships. There may be 8 months to go until the UK leaves the EU, however, the time to remediate and prepare is running out. In this webinar, learn how Brexit Insight helps you move from uncertainty to insight and secure a commercial advantage before and after Brexit.


Webinar: Procurement Insight (On-Demand)

In this webinar, David Silbert and Stuart Brock, Directors at Apogee Legal, shares how Seal helps procurement professionals and the legal teams that support them. The demo will illustrate how Seal solves the most common and complex challenges that teams face by delivering an unprecedented level of insight into the realm of enterprise contracts.


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