Improving Business As Usual

Seal Solutions

Seal – A Better Way, Finds Better Answers


Seal is making “business-as-usual” better. Better sales, better cost management, and better risk management. Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics is the fastest way to analyze and extract answers from your contracts and DocuSign envelopes. The new Seal platform, Accelerators, and partner extensions make it “business-as-usual” for enterprises users in sell-side, buy-side and risk management to make the change to a better way.


Seal’s AI-powered solutions are helping companies find answers and solve problems across a wide range of use cases. From strategic procurement initiative at Fortune 100 High Tech companies, and multiple high profile mergers and divestitures to sell-side contract reviews at a multi-nation telecom and consumer electronics company, Seal is saving companies millions of dollars and time while driving risk minimization.

More Problems Solved


Seal transforms the way people in enterprises ask and answer questions – driving faster resolution and better outcomes. The Seal value-add and ROI multiple as adoption shifts from short-term projects, to progressive LOB solutions, and then to long-term strategic value across the enterprise.

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