Insight™ Solution

For now, the impact of Brexit is genuinely unknown. But whatever the outcome, companies will need to understand what is in their contracts to effectively prepare for what changes it may bring. This information includes terms and provisions buried in contracts such as governing law, currencies, jurisdiction, payments terms, and change of law.

Traditional tools utilize pre-defined criteria, dependent upon static data models which will fail to keep pace with the unpredictable nature of Brexit. Manual reviews are even worse; they are the slow, limited, and expensive one-off reviews that are likely out-of-date before completed. Seal fundamentally changes how companies can approach contract review for Brexit. Seal is not dependent upon pre-defined metadata or teams of trained legal reviewers, and it provides the capabilities for either the business user or legal group to find answers fast.

Using Seal’s Brexit Insight™, organizations can:

  • Find Brexit impacted contracts
  • Answer specific and complex Brexit related questions
  • No contract management system required
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Go-live in days with the Seal Cloud Services


Listen to our Brexit Insight webinar on-demand to learn how Seal helps companies prepare for the challenges of Brexit and future requirements, replacing uncertainty with insight into their contractual position.