Catastrophic Event

Insight™ Solution

Traditional manual contract review is too slow and inflexible to be of use during, or immediately following a catastrophic event. Even worse, in a rapidly evolving situation, rapid insight into the information contained within contracts is of critical importance as organizations evaluate their obligations, risks, and opportunities to impact costs and revenue.

The Catastrophic Event Insight Accelerator includes a pre-developed set of analytic models and supporting components packaged for rapid deployment into existing Seal platform environments.

The accelerator, explicitly designed to respond to events that may trigger force majeure provisions, analyzes a full range of relevant contract provisions in a fraction of the time of a manual contract review. The easy-to-consume and detailed insights provided facilitate the triage, risk mitigation, and the decision-making process.

When addressing the global COVID-19 pandemic or a localized event such as a flood, fire, or earthquake, you need the ability to analyze your contract portfolio to assess the potential impact quickly. Common provisions to consider include:


Force Majeure – General & Stated EventsLiability – Failure to Perform
Force Majeure – Notice & TimingInsurance Provisions
Continuity of BusinessGoverning Law
Termination RightsJurisdiction


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