Credit Agreement

Insight™ Solution

Credit Agreement Streamline Review – Simplifies Tracking and Risk Analysis


Credit Agreement Insight™ is Seal’s foundational solution providing institutions line of sight into their credit agreements and the ability to collect key data and identify risks. Credit Agreement Insight streamlines the initial credit agreement review. Combining Seal’s powerful AI capabilities with its proven models for the analysis of credit-related issues, Credit Agreement Insight delivers an unprecedented level of insight into the review and risk analysis of credit agreements, regardless of agreement structure or level of complexity.

Credit Agreement Insight automates the identification and extraction of key contractual provisions across a wide range of topics with a high degree of accuracy, enabling clients to quickly perform a more consistent and robust analysis. It increases access to meaningful information while also decreasing the time and costs associated with the overall review process. Seal has the ability to dive deeper into credit agreement topics beyond Credit Agreement Insight depending on the client’s needs and use cases.

Credit Agreement Insight:

  • Identifies and extracts key terms financial institutions use in their internal tracking and risk analysis.
  • Addresses over 20 of the most common topics, over 60 subtopics and answers dozens of questions
  • Provides answers about how the agreement calculates EBITDA and other financial ratios and dozens of other questions
  •  Assist in tracking common reporting requirements such as the due dates for delivery of certain reports such as Borrower’s Year-End and Quarterly Financial Reports