General Counsel


Make managing your contracts and agreements easier and more efficient.


No matter what your industry, as general counsel your job is about managing and quantifying risk and compliance. In order to do so, you must oversee tens or even hundreds of thousands of contracts and agreements your company has in place to ensure they aren’t hiding obligations, service level agreement metrics, or other liabilities that could expose the company to risk. You must also know whether the company’s contracts reflect existing and changing corporate and/or regulatory mandates coming from the IFRS or EBA, as well as evolving legislation such as Dodd-Frank, and can be audited if needed.


Do you know where your contracts are and what is in them? Can you successfully and efficiently respond to an audit request or an organizational change? To answer these questions and to create and manage to risk benchmarks as many organizations are doing, you need to be able to access your contractual provisions data quickly and efficiently.


Searching for contracts and agreements and managing the information they contain can be expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive. All the more so when it’s done manually across disconnected systems or in the aftermath of a merger or acquisition. When an event occurs, the faster you can access those contracts and make the necessary determinations, the more money you’ll save and the less you’ll slow down the business.

How Can Seal Help


Seal provides an intuitive dashboard that let’s you search, sort, review, and compare contract data, across the entire contract corpus.


Our Contract Discovery capability will locate all contracts across your network, ensuring there are no hidden liability land mines lurking in a file server somewhere. It also extracts over 50 contract terms and conditions contractual provisions right out of the box.


You can then create custom search policies and teach Seal the precise language and terms of your organization. This gives you the ability to look deep inside the all of your contracts so that you can accurately report on a broad set of contract metrics and find specific the information you need.


You’ll be able to:

  • Gain visibility into your relationships, operations, risks, obligations, and opportunities when the business, legal, or regulatory environment changes.
  • Reduce the cost and time associated with manual reviews.
  • Understand and reduce the risk associated with changing regulatory mandates.
  • Track and compare standard and non-standard clauses.
  • Efficiently find alternative provisions for form agreement analysis and creation.
  • Manage your risk exposure by ensuring your contracts contain fully approved language.


Managing the risks and exposure associated with your business’s contracts and agreements is a lot easier with Seal.