Insight™ Solution

React faster and bring greater insights to your M&A activities.


When mergers or acquisitions occur, there’s usually very little time to react. You’re under pressure to assess any obligations or risk exposures, to reduce those risks, and to ensure a smooth integration process. During critical times like these, being able to manage and gain insights into contracts makes all the difference.


If you’re the acquirer, you assume the commitments, liabilities, and obligations of the company you’ve purchased. The problem is that when contract intelligence isn’t available, these factors aren’t accurately considered in the valuation, potentially affecting the accretive nature of the transaction.


Post-acquisition, reviewing existing contracts and integrating the contracting process and contract data is a core part of integration work. When done through a manual legal review, the process can take months, or even years, depending on the size of the acquisition. It’s a painfully slow way of identifying the hidden warranties, product liabilities, most favored nations clauses, complex pricing structures, and other potential risks those contracts might include.


That’s why automation for contract discovery and analytics, along with the visibility into large sets of various types of contracts that it yields, is mission-critical for M&A.

Seal M&A Insight Can Help


Seal applies analytics to the information in your contracts, making it easy to search for, sort, review, and compare contract data. You’ll be able to:

  • Assess the contract obligations, liabilities, and risks of potential acquisitions.
  • Lower the costs and shorten the time associated with integrating contracts into a centralized repository, providing intelligent extraction during the migration process.
  • Manage efficient assignment, change of control, and notification requirements.
  • Adhere to regulatory requirements.
  • Assess and disclose contract risk associated with divestitures, providing full transparency and potentially impacting valuation.
  • Better manage risk disclosures associated with M&A activity.


Take some of the stress and complexity out of your next merger or acquisition with Seal.